Zen: Peace in the World

Zen: Peace in the World

…if there is beauty in the person…


8 thoughts on “Zen: Peace in the World

  1. We have this on fabric scroll right in our entrance so everyone who walks into our home sees it before anything else. I bet half of them have not even noticed it! Sigh…but that means at least half of them have, and it reminds us constantly!

  2. I absolutely love this saying. By sharing our hearts we light up the world in our own unique way. Thank you. Lisa ❤

  3. I can hardly disagree with the words of Zen, yet: call it semantics but (there is always a but?) This formula requires beauty in all persons for harmony in the house, each house in order that a nation.. for each nation in the world.
    THe ingredients are there it seems we are unable to mix them correctly?
    Let’s get cooking 🙂

    • Yes – this one is attributed to the Dalai Lama: “Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon” – I like that.
      …and there is a sequence to the list 😉 There is already beauty in each person, but we don’t see it (yet), not in ourselves or the others, because our view is clouded 🙂

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