Caring for someone

Taking Care

Being Careful

Full of Care in all I do

Caring for My Body

Caring for My Thoughts

Being Care-Full in all I Think and Do

Do I Care?

Am I Care-Full?

When I go beyond my strength, my patience, my understanding

I become Care-Less

I could Care Less

It is not true because I do care,

So where am I overextended? Can I change that?

Is it possible to move without leaving that place of Care, which is Love?

That is The Supreme Discipline.

Be Careful.

11 thoughts on “Caring

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  2. A wonderful reminder Tomas. For me, right NOW, this level of caring for self and others requires that I slow down, move gently and create a “dance of activities” when there seems to be too many things to do. I am blessed to be the scheduler of my own time (great gratitudes to you My Dear.) That makes being “Care-full” much easier. The situation I observed today that you referred to above as “Today’s Lesson” is sourced from our society’s disregard for LIFE. Care-full gets over-ridden and Care-less-ness results. I saw you take on an old pattern of “I need to push through to complete the requests of my employer.” The employer, however was not honoring his own body/mind’s requests for Care-full-ness. Therefore, he was not in a position to honor yours. So it is up to each of us to set our boundaries and care for ourselves enough to say “Enough!” This is the lesson and you have spoken so eloquently about it in this post. My Love Always, Alia

  3. Wonderful to read your caring posts Tomas. Caring really does give purpose to a realized life, I’m grateful you and Alia can share this precious mindfulness with us, it makes all the difference. God bless. ♥

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