Our Souls Touched – Tornado in Oklahoma

Our Hearts go out to all at the site of the Tornado in Oklahoma ~



For one moment our lives met, our souls touched.

Oscar Wilde


9 thoughts on “Our Souls Touched – Tornado in Oklahoma


  2. Tomas, thank you for sharing this. Indeed our hearts go out… and break while going.

    Mother Nature has not only been ignored by homosapiens (since the beginning of their ascent) but terribly abused, plundered mercilessly. Not to be pessimistic, but there is nothing we can do to eliminate the harm we’ve already caused, the repercussions of which we are now experiencing. Yes, it would be wise to listen now to Mother, as you say, and to learn from our past mistakes. But look around, what is the likelihood of that happening? Keystone Pipeline, anyone? Let’s have a little “fracking” party, perhaps? How about we fell all the Amazon trees to build new homes and shopping centers? We need more of those. And create new dams throughout the once vast tropical land; we need the water more than the native species that live there. Oh, and let’s not forget to spray our manicured lawns and those pesky little dandelions with some Round Up, not to worry that it’ll destroy the GMO’d corn & other vegetables that are being grown nearby should its mist migrate. We don’t want weeds, nor bugs, nor any other ‘alien’ lifeform, do we?

    I wonder, has Mother decide we are the aliens?

    Sigh. Sorry.

    • Yes, Pam, you are so right. There is so much destruction and harm being caused by humans to this planet, this living organism that brought us forth. Where did we come from if not the Earth? So we see ourselves sitting on the branch and sawing away at it. Your statements above touch the very nerve of human existence… How to ‘stay positive’ in the face of humanity’s collective insanity? I see several aspects that will resonate with each of us differently depending on our perspective.

      1. Humanity is now aware, I believe for the first time in its history, that IT is the cause of its own extinction, if it isn’t able to effect a radical remedy of the present all-encompassing crisis that it is in. This has led to the term “conscious evolution” for the evolutionary phase we are currently in. No one on the planet will deny that we ourselves are the cause of this crisis. As to the readiness to change our personal, individual lifestyles in order to help avert catastrophe, that is quite another question. I remember sitting around the dinner table when I was perhaps 11 years old (1961) and listening to my parents talk about a new word that was in the news: “environment”. So our awareness of our role in this crisis is relatively young. My post today speaks to this: Krishnamurti: Goodness

      2. The facts that you list are well documented and anyone with an open mind can find confirmation of them using the new media. Other facts that are less well known are the myriad amazing grassroots (and increasingly also mainstream) efforts to counteract the looming catastrophe. One source for such news is, for example, “Yes Magazine” I don’t say that this alternate view gives me certainty that we will, indeed, avert the impending catastrophe for humanity. It is, however, useful to see that there is a very substantial force in humanity that is working very passionately and effectively to that end.

      3. Around the beginning of the 20th Century a new view of the forces that make up the manifested world began to be formed. According to Wikipedia the term Quantum Mechanics was first used in 1924. Now, close to 100 years later, we are beginning to actually SEE the world differently, and to apply quantum physics to our understanding of how manifest reality comes about. We speak of The Field and of how our thoughts directly affect our reality. I have studied and contemplated the understanding that sages from antiquity until now have pointed us to in this respect. Quantum physics speaks now of our reality being a holographic universe. This is no longer something from a sci-fi movie but is the most advanced understanding of humanity’s best researchers and scientists. Many of the sages, including one from our modern times corroborate this: Holographic Projection of Phenomena

      There is not something or someone “out there”. The sages tell us to call out “Not two!” when in doubt, and thus to remain in the awareness of the one Suchness that nothing can fall out of and into which nothing can enter that is not already there.

      My point is that we must walk on the razor’s edge if we want to gain an understanding of the current state of affairs and avoid leaning to one side or the other: “It’s all going to be ok! Don’t worry. Be Happy! Think positive!” vs “Humanity won’t survive. We’ve poisoned our own waters. We’ve disempowered our youth and neglected our elders. Let’s go have a beer and get the Ultra-Large Full HD 152-inch plasma flat screen while there’s still time!”

      In my recent post on Lao Tzu’s Chapter One of the Tao Te Ching (Mystery within Mystery) we find:

      “Oftentimes, one strips oneself of passion
      In order to see the Secret of Life;
      Oftentimes, one regards life with passion,
      In order to see its manifest forms.
      These two (the Secret and its manifestations)
      Are (in their nature) the same;
      They are given different names
      When they become manifest.
      They may both be called the Cosmic Mystery:
      Reaching from the Mystery into the Deeper Mystery
      Is the Gate to the Secret of All Life.”

      This suggests to me to look at all of Life as a Whole and to not get hung up on the names we give to the manifest expressions of Life. Here we come to the razor’s edge: Can I look at what we call “birth” and what we call “death” as relative truths? Can I open up to the possibility that something which transcends these two is the actuality of Existence? “Let us live as if we were immortal.” was the advice that Aristotle gave us. How would my life feel like if I recognized that I am immortal? How would I then express to my fellow men and women my concern for our insane behavior toward each other and toward the rest of Life’s expressions on this planet and beyond?

      4. The Yoga Sutras speak of asana and most of us know it as a term in yoga for a certain posture. The pertinent Yoga Sutra is: “sthira sukham asanam” or asana is to be steady and comfortable (2.46). “To be more precise, sthira translates into stability and alertness while sukha means with ease or without suffering.” The next sutra states that then one’s view dwells on the Infinite. As the Yoga Sutras do not mention the asana as a physical body posture, we can take it as an important pointer to the inner posture that allows this connection with the Infinite. It may well translate into our physical postures but it should originate on our most subtle level in order to be effective. To be steady and comfortable requires continual self-inquiry as to any causes for wavering and discomfort.

      I don’t see myself leaving this ‘holographic projection’ of the world, as I know deep inside that it is actually how Life shows Itself, but I do sense in my gut that this flavor of the Infinite can indeed pervade every aspect of Life if I can continually relax enough to let It do Its thing through me. Relaxation here is not at all just kicking back and letting go, but includes also embracing as much of me that I can so that nothing is in a dichotomy to me. As Krishnamurti says, “The observer is the observed”. When I am able to open up more and more deeply to that realization then I experience a different world, although nothing has changed. Realization is deeply visceral, zen-like, and not at all intellectual, although that may be a beginning step.

      “If you give complete attention, with your body, with your nerves, with your eyes, with your ears, with your mind, with your whole being, there is no center from which you are attending, there is only attention. That attention is complete silence.” Krishnamurti

      Thank you, Pam, for your response which brought me to this expression. Cheers! tomas

  3. i cannot imagine a tornado so wide. that’s like the eye of a hurricane, right? i don’t get too much news, but the headlines online look ugly. mother earth is not happy. we have to be nicer to her, starting by stopping the fracking.

    • It seems to be quite an unusually destructive tornado, such force and size and the long time it traveled on the ground. It is time to listen to our Mother! tomas ♥

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