zen: Faith Hope Belief

Light flashing in StoneWhat fears, what thirsting for approval, what hunger for recognition hold me in the grooves of conditioning? I free myself of that and I am a unique expression of the Infinite. Can I feel the call to show myself freely? We are ready to acknowledge ourselves and to be self-evident… All pressure to renege on myself is now unbearable!

Just yesterday I was looking at all the New Age views about ‘something great’ about to come around the corner etc. and I was reflecting on how that continues to program everyone onto ‘hope’, ‘faith’ and the identity that is built around ‘becoming a multi-dimensional being’ etc. This focus on something yet to come and on some event yet to happen in order for my destiny to fulfill itself has the tendency to keep us from realizing just how amazing that <being> which is already here, which I already AM, actually is. That is where the exploration of this mystery begins, in my opinion.

Faith, hope and belief are beautiful concepts that can very effectively support us to assuage the frequency of fear in its many forms. It was very useful for me to get clear for myself about these concepts and what they mean for me. I won’t go into that here, but I highly recommend to anyone who is seriously interested in their own honesty to themselves to examine them. These three concepts have, in my opinion, been given a spin by the consciousness manipulators since antiquity on this planet in order to disempower us. Especially the established religions have propagated the trance of putting up with unbearable life conditions by focusing on some ‘future’ that would be wonderful. This tool for consciousness manipulation was then taken over by Madison Avenue and all the ‘entertainment’ media to create a psychological version of reality that paralyzed humanity so that it could be sucked out like a lemon.

Eli Jaxon-Bear speaks to this dynamic of focus on faith, hope and belief in this short excerpt. I listened to this yesterday and liked it:

The following is from Ruth at Soul in Progress: “Blessed are those who call us forward into the small steps and show us why they are worthwhile in spite of their modesty. Blessed are those who map out the big picture that validates our everyday ordinary gestures of compassion, connection, and goodwill. In this time of isolation and numbness, validation is precious and healing.

This is a time when every small action counts. And those who are able to call that forth are performing a profound and remarkable service. Those who are able to do so while holding us in our uncertainty and uneasiness are helping us heal, inside and out.”

Link to Souldoula’s Blog

This is beautifully said, Ruth. The inner push to leave the uncertainty and uneasiness we feel in our trance state and find a great truth to hold on to is what prevents us from really being here, now, with the ‘ordinary’ in front of us, and letting that deepen. I feel that subliminal, continual inner pressure to be ‘more’ than I am, and when I can settle into just what ‘I am’ – simply, that is when life begins to take on the mysterious and magical hue of the ‘unknowing’. But I can’t pursue it, that doesn’t work. It happens on its own, unsuspectingly. When this experience becomes more familiar to me, it can liberate me from the trance state.

This is a quandary, and perhaps not to be reconciled within our speech exchanges. At the same time that I feel the ‘zen’ quality of the present moment, I also feel how distracted I am from that quality of the Infinite that occasionally (more and more frequently) visits me. One sage speaks of our continually killing to Divine Mystery by allowing ourselves to be caught up in the hologram we think of as life.

The Yoga Sutras speak of Asana and most of us know it as a term in yoga for a certain posture. The pertinent Yoga Sutra is: “sthira sukham asanam” or asana is to be steady and comfortable (2.46). “To be more precise, sthira translates into stability and alertness while sukha means with ease or without suffering.” The next sutra  states that then one’s view dwells on the Infinite. As the Yoga Sutras do not mention the asana as a physical body posture, we can take it as an important pointer to the inner posture that allows this connection with the Infinite. It may well translate into our physical postures but it should originate on our most subtle level in order to be effective. To be steady and comfortable requires continual self-inquiry as to any causes for wavering and discomfort. In this field I find J. Krishnamurti‘s words to be a strong guide. However, Eli’s short video as well as Gangaji‘s talks, Jeff Foster, Nisargadatta and many others are now available at the click of the mouse.

I don’t see myself leaving this ‘holographic projection’ of the world, as I know deep inside that it is actually how Life shows Itself, but I do sense in my gut that this flavor of the Infinite can indeed pervade every aspect of Life if I can continually relax enough to let It do Its thing through me. Thanks for letting me rant a bit. I’m enjoying all of your writing and the comments.


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