1. Wish everyone would watch this video. So moving, brought me to tears. Thank you, dear Tomas. We certainly know you see into people’s hearts… ♥

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  3. Hi Tomas. I was moved by that video and inspired to share a thought I’d written a few weeks ago.
    I shared a link to your site so that others could see the beauty and wisdom it provides.
    Much Love, Sandy

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    The more I learned to see through others eyes, the more beauty and peace my eyes and living my life give back to me. No longer ever are there strangers standing in front of me and “rude” or “poor” behavior is not ever personal, and usually I find at it’s root, has nothing whatsoever to do with me.

    There is a song I loved growing up that has a line that has always stuck with me which says, “In the quiet heart is hidden sorrows that the eye can’t see”. When I remember to look heart to heart, this frees my hands to become a tool to help instead of just adding them to the others in a long list of frustrations that desire to strangle when cut off in traffic :).

    It has been my experience that those who are the hardest to love, are usually the ones who needed it the most and their “bad behavior” is a way of crying out in their pain asking for help. When inconsideration is met with a glance from the heart, full of patience and compassion, I have seen grown men on airplanes almost tear up to be seen, cared about and communicated with past their tantrums in their pain.


    Debated for a moment on whether to include this or not, but decided in the end, people are mature enough to remove the limitations of the religious window dressing and just get the message of really seeing with THEIR OWN divine eyes, following their own hearts. Hope whomever finds their way to reading this comment will enjoy:

    • Wow! What voices! Yes, the spirit in the words is clear for those who have ears… And “In the quiet heart is hidden sorrows that the eye can’t see” is why we need to start activating the Eyes of the Heart 🙂 It is also my experience that all behavior that is less than loving is actually a cry for help, and when we respond in any way from that understanding a transformation happens. Good to be on this journey with you, Dear M! tomas ♥

        • So very glad that you enjoyed! One of my favorite things about this medium for communication is the opportunity to expand into and explore so many things that did not exist in my reality until someone else made time to generously share. A & T, from your corner of home flow many such treasured new nuggets to the world as well. -x.M

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