The Universe Settles the Stars in the Sky

starry sky 2 Patrick

Hua Hu Ching, Chapter Five 

“Do you imagine the universe is agitated? Go into the desert at night and look out at the stars. This practice should answer the question. The superior person settles her mind as the universe settles the stars in the sky. By connecting her mind with the subtle origin, she calms it. Once calmed, it naturally expands, and ultimately her mind becomes as vast and immeasurable as the night sky.”

Article on Lao Tzu’s Hua Hu Ching:

Hua Hu Ching – Unknown Teachings of Lao Tzu (


17 thoughts on “The Universe Settles the Stars in the Sky

  1. I’ve never been in the desert but it looks like something I want to do. Oh, and the Universe is never agitated. Never. Thanks for the share.
    – Awakened Soul

  2. Beautiful Tomas! In a desert environment now, and YES! YES!!
    Each morning, long before dawn I stand in the chill air and look up. Here there are no city lights to blot out the night sky – one’s insignificance is clear against the naked dome of the magical sky. Shanti…..

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