On Mother’s Day

On Mother's Day

Sage Tree:

“Don’t forget about your Mama Gaia tomorrow.
Mother earth, the Super-ancient-great grandmother: who adopted and nurtured all of your ancestors, as droplets from the stars.
Dance with your little feet on her immense body, become one with her, sing through the networks of her children, one in gratitude.
She carries us to the rhythm of her steps through the galaxy. And in each season, she tells us stories of endurance, ever inspiring hope, rationless perseverance… and smiles at us, kisses us with blooms, the teeth of petals that nuzzle our awareness.

With her example, she lets songs spill immense, bountiful, lullabies through the silks of the grasses, her breath aohms past the parchment of leaves, and in a magical chorus of creatures we know that she is always surrounding our being. She records in the tablets of the trees, holds our records in the skin of the mountains, she moves and we see the ancient being that breaths from bellow…
Ever at peace, though she does not rest in the dark sky…
She… who still takes our shit, while humanity matures, she who asks no demand, and supports our progress, synchronistically in step, ever there to catch our fall and to turn it into a leap forward.

No matter how far we think we’ve traveled from the first cradle of her womb, she still holds us.

Remember the Goddess Gaia. Remember the earth. ♥
On mother’s day.”

11 thoughts on “On Mother’s Day

  1. Loving the reminder of this expanded point of view! What a wonderful shared perspective for all humanity to remember this deeper place to celebrate the ultimate meaning of an earth day.

    • It was another of those synchronicities that let me feel even more strongly the alignment with the Great One: i had just finished putting the image to the short Mother’s Day text when Sage Tree’s text popped up in my inbox and it was just so exactly what I wanted to express to have a deeper sense of Mother’s Day (slightly different than Mothers’ Day) 😉 Thank you for your response ☼ tomas ♥

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