Be Kind Today

Be Kind Today

Be Kind Today


15 thoughts on “Be Kind Today

  1. There is a Hymn from the spiritual tradition I was raised with that talks about how in the silent heart is hidden sorrows that the eye cannot see. I have always remembered that line and have strived to put that little piece of knowing into play when interacting with others. We just never know the truth until we have walked a mile in someone elses shoes. Thank you for the powerful reminder.

    • … and so they speak of ‘seeing with the heart’ – yes! How can we ever think we know another’s universe? It’s so amazing that our words mean something at all to others, even if not what they mean to us 😉

    • Agreed…and then i must say that I don’t feel that I am fighting any battle at all, but change it to “everyone you meet is faced with their own kind of challenge that is just as challenging to them as yours is to you” – then I can agree wholeheartedly! That was the sentiment that prompted me to post this – after I had been interacting with several people here that were having a rough time.
      I love the Peace Challenge “Art for Peace” for the month of May!
      with Love, tomas ♥

    • Hahaha! Thank you! Yes, I do love minimalism and simplicity. It is said that a Sanskrit scholar is more over-joyed at taking out one syllable from a sutra than over the birth of a son – which, of course, must be understood in the context of the culture in India where a son was more important than a daughter, unfortunately. But the sense of “less is more” comes across. 😀

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