21 thoughts on “stop glorifying…

  1. Happy Earth Day. Well invited post.
    Earth should be preserved to enable every one to live and let live.
    People ought to be vigilant on the ecological front, Sparrows and other species are on the verge of extinction.People should not be over ambitious in tapping the fragile and depleting mineral wealth but should be considerate towards future generations. In fact, water, land, wind, sea and forests are precious assets and need be preserved.
    Environmental laws should be scrupulously enforced.

    • Very well put, Rao! Yes, we are here as stewards of a very fragile resource – and the lives of future generations depend on us right now living intelligently and reverently. Thank you for your response! Tomas ☼

  2. What a great image for Earth Day! Zen Earth Day ☺ Oh, Tomas, now you’ve “hit me where it hurts.” No more glorifying busy???? Really, it’s time to give up this basic underlying life-long addiction to DOingness for the sake of DOing??? Yikes! OK! It’s much more fun to just flow in joy from my BEingness. But old habits . . Don’t want to go there and justify my past any longer. Much love, Dear Heart, Alia

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