“cover the world with leather…”

“The desire to reform the world, without discovering one’s true self, is like trying to cover the world with leather to avoid the pain of walking on stones and thorns. It is much simpler to wear shoes.”
Ramana Maharshi



19 thoughts on ““cover the world with leather…”

  1. There is truth in the phrasing yet applying a band aid to a cut is not to prevent one getting bloody. Creating homes for homeless is not to make the already housed feel better in their own homes, is it?

    • Perhaps he refers to one who wants to reform the world so as to feel more comfortable in it – yes that does apply, as it is difficult to enjoy my own home if I see another in front of my home without a roof over his head. As humans we naturally feel kinship with every other human and would wish for each person to have the necessities of life. Wanting to create homes for the homeless out of this sense of kinship is natural and my motive must not be one of guilt.
      This thought of Ramana’s can be seen as the reminder that once I know myself as part of Existence, which is One indivisible, I will naturally feel called to care for all of life around me. Wanting to change the world from the perspective of being one separate, small and relatively powerless person on a planet with 7 billion others, many of whom are in much need, can be felt as very frustrating and overwhelming.
      Seeing myself and my life as more of an access point for Intelligent Infinity to do its thing through me gives me much more a sense of power and possibility beyond the linear opportunities in my reach as Tomas. thanks for your question! Very thought provoking ~ ☼ tomas

    • I’m sure he would have had a good laugh had he seen someone wearing stilettos! Imagine that! 😉 But he did always say the best way to live was to “wonder at all the strange things that one sees…” ☼

      • LOL, and he’s right! Talk about fashion being detached from reality, it is the art and science of illusion. Like Bashar says, at times it’s more expedient for us to learn from illusion, in order to understand we are not that! Enlightened beings have great sense of humor for sure! ☼ Still it’s fun to play dress-up and see how people “respond”, while observing my own reaction. 😀

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  3. Tomas, I have been reading your recent posts and have taken many lessons from them. I have been somewhat behind on making comments to them yet have much to say. In fact I am working on a poem inspired by one of them about walking in silence… I do wish to share with you the sentiment if nothing else so here is my thought shared http://iamforchange.wordpress.com/awards-page-and-nominations-thank-you-i-am-so-honored-and-grateful/ So many have shared so much with me and I wish to share as well please accept my nominations and if nothing else know I am grateful for your sharing on your pages with us all and the time you share with me on mine.Thank you!! 🙂 Joe

    • Thanks, Joe! I congratulate you on all the awards from those who, like I, appreciate your spirit and what you express on your blog as well as on all of ours 🙂 tomas ♥

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