Sat Chit Ananda – Beingness Aware of Itself as Consciousness

Sat Chit AnandaIn the Hindu tradition it is said that Sat Chit Ananda is our true nature. These are three Sanskrit terms. The most usual translation of these terms is as follows: Sat = absolute beingness, Chit = absolute consciousness, Ananda = absolute bliss. However in the Hindu tradition such terms are seen as a kind of code that require contemplation and meditation in order to uncover the deeper significance that they hold for the individual. They are seen to be carriers of the primordial energy into which the ancient seers tapped in their deepest realization of the eternal truths of existence. The student of consciousness today will connect with this energy if one is able to open up beyond mere intellectual understanding to the deeper revelations inherent in these terms.

In a Skype interview (see below) the spiritual teacher Gangaji speaks of Sat Chit Ananda in response to the interviewer’s question as to her definition of love:

“Sat Chit Ananda can be defined as beingness aware of itself as consciousness and then overflowing in Ananda, which is sometimes translated as joy but we can just as easily translate it as love, so in that sense it is the natural state of self-recognition.”

Beingness is all of physicality. My body is where I have the most direct sensation of beingness. I begin my day by waking up to my body (beingness) and to the fact that I am beingness aware of myself as consciousness. So I – as this body – wake myself up to the real fact that I am actually consciousness.

These three facets of our true nature (Absolute Beingness/Absolute Consciousness/Absolute Bliss) can be seen as the dynamic of an inner chain-reaction. Beingness sees itself consciously and this self-recognition sparks an outpouring of tremendous joy: the mystery of creation explodes into more and more forms of itself, reveling in its own beauty and its love to BE.

The most remarkable quality of this dynamic is its all-inclusiveness: everything that comes into form is accepted absolutely because it IS. Sat Chit Ananda as Absolute Consciousness is by nature also total acceptance because it is incapable of deluding itself that it could really deny something that IS. This quality of openness to everything that comes into our life effects a radical turn-around in our attitude, our inner posture. We switch from screening what comes into our life to see whether it might harm us or cause discomfort (the activity of the ego-mind) to total acceptance and embracing of all that is. This openness determines our base frequency now and the quantum field of the universe responds by returning energy to us in kind: we are provided for “like the birds in the air” and our every need is met.

This deep acceptance is not dependent on any mood. Feelings of discomfort, suffering, or depression may appear and yet this fact of Sat Chit Ananda is still potent: beingness is aware of itself as consciousness that is in discomfort, suffering or depressed. When consciousness as you or I are able to accept these “undesirable” emotional, mental or physical states and open to them because we are able to realize that they are WHAT IS at the moment, then “a trap door opens”, as Gangaji puts it, and we find an opening into the depth of Existence. Then the attribute “undesirable” no longer fits the experience.

Intellectual musings on Sat Chit Ananda

To say that all of physicality consists of forms (such as my body) that appear out of nothing is the same as to say that all forms are actually made of consciousness. Consciousness is the matter out of which the universe is made. That is why we can say that all forms appear out of nothing – for consciousness is not a thing and has no form. Beingness aware of itself as consciousness is physicality (and all possible forms of consciousness) aware that its form-quality is not actually real, but rather its form-quality is a certain way in which consciousness exists. Consciousness exists as form that is aware of itself. Form is the quality of consciousness that is superimposed upon the beingness. The actual Eternal Essence of every form is consciousness aware of itself as beingness, and beingness aware of itself as consciousness. So the energy feedback loop is sparked into activation when this deep self-recognition occurs. It is like in the proverbial hall of mirrors: beingness (form) Sat Chit Anandasees itself mirrored in its own beingness and realizes itself as the energy of seeing (consciousness). This energy of consciousness mirrors back and forth within itself creating an infinite feedback loop of energy. This effect creates an infinite outpouring of forms which are created by consciousness seeing its own forms and taking delight in them. This is the overflowing, the joy, the love to BE, which is love itself: Ananda. This feedback loop of Eternal Essence feeding itself and feeding on itself is interrupted when consciousness fixates (gets stuck or attached) on the forms rather than remaining with itself as the seeing energy of consciousness.

My Personal Sat Chit Ananda

Each of us will have our own special knowledge and realization of Sat Chit Ananda since it is born of each person’s unique energy signature. Today my personal Sat Chit Ananda expresses itself like this:

When Beingness feels itself in a body, it doesn’t matter which body it is, whether the body of an ant or a spider or a grain of sand or me. When Beingness gets that it is aware of itself in that form in that body then it gets that it is consciousness which has the potential to connect with every form. As consciousness it is always connected to every form there is, although each form is not automatically aware of this connection.

That’s a lot of forms to be connected to and to be consciously aware of Being! So Sat Chit Ananda overflows over and over and over which is what the Psalm meant: My Cup Runneth Over (Psalm 23:5). This is called ecstasy because there is no way to keep track with linear thoughts of all that Beingness aware of itself as consciousness has on its plate to take in and in and in. Become a sponge and soak it all up from every direction and dimension without any limitation wanting to put it all into a frame of reference no need to reference to collaborate to put into a certain order in a line one after the other, no, it is all at this same time and space and the only question is how open do I want to be? I open as much as I want and flow out as far as I want and when its time to rest a bit I subside into the deepest pool of quietude silence stillness peace, yes I can, and I do. Now.

Feeling uncomfortable upon waking in the morning my body is stiff ready to move feeling restless as the time of resting is over and the mind is in-between dream and waking. Images keep moving through, some pleasant some disquieting. There is a remembrance: allow all to be, it is all here right now and that is ok… allowing the discomfort like a fine irritation; feeling that and allowing it to be as it is in that moment it changes from discomfort to something indefinable. I am waiting for this Beingness to feel the movement of getting up into a sitting position and feel waking up out of the dream flow happening more clearly.

Sat Chit AnandaAs it does I am sitting with my duvet around me sitting cross-legged on the futon letting all internal movement from the dream-world settle like the swirled up soil in a glass of water gently settling settling settling to form a fine layer on the bottom of my Beingness; I let it lie. Clear space opens to accept all of this waking world of forms, thoughts, emotions, feelings, flowing into my field. Open eyes, one leg moves out onto the carpeted floor, the other also standing now, cool morning air raising, drawing the drapes, raising the blinds, closing the window, see the open sky today no clouds, still early for sun.

Put on warm sweats and fleece robe, feed the birds front and back, standing then to center in the new day on the green green fresh grass, feet on the ground head in the sky letting the tension in the spine release gently into a light shaking then bending, turning this way looking at the ocean, the other way seeing the forest: this is waking up. I am Beingness aware that it is consciousness and overflowing.


Time Code: 27:50 practices

Time Code: 28:49 meditation

Time Code: 30:05 inquiry

Time Code: 30:57 what is this attention?

Time Code: 32:00 no rules

Time Code: 32:10 yoga/body awareness movements

Time Code: 33:30 where is your heart?

Time Code: 35:50 self-inquiry

Time Code: 37:37 – 38:34 love/Sat Chit Ananda

17 thoughts on “Sat Chit Ananda – Beingness Aware of Itself as Consciousness

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  2. Dear Tomas,

    A word of thanks for introducing JB to Gangaji. He bought the book “A Diamond in Your Pocket.” By the time he had finished reading Part I, he had made the transition from being JB to being himself.

    Best Regards, JB

    • I spent some very good quality time with Gangaji while I was living in Ashland and she had just moved there – it was easy to meet with her in small groups and she had frequent large meetings as well. She is a very good connection to Spirit for me ~ I am happy for JB as being myself is so relaxing! tomas ☼

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    • This way of looking at it has been my ‘mantra’ for the last week – every so often during the day, and when waking in the morning – it just pops into my awareness… very cool! ;

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  7. Tomas,
    I was drawn to the computer this morning to send a birthday wish to an old friend. I usually get up and go straight to meditation. For some reason, I was drawn to your post that I have been meaning to read for the last few days. What a wonderful surprise when I found your narration of “waking up” to consciousness. I love all the analogies, especially the Psalms. I am going to go to meditation now and focus on beingness>consciousness>joy/love.
    Thank you so much for your guidance and wisdom.
    {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  8. Thank you for your response, Sheri! It really is simple, I guess we just have to get used to it so that it becomes our ‘first’ nature rather than our ‘second’ nature 😉

  9. Beingness sees itself consciously and this self-recognition sparks an outpouring of tremendous joy: the mystery of creation explodes into more and more forms of itself, reveling in its own beauty and its love to BE.

    You know I say BE the light you already are! I love this post. Full of deep insight but easily understandable for eyes that are open to see.

    Thank you Tomas.


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