Sat Chit Ananda – Beingness Aware of Itself as Consciousness

Sat Chit AnandaIn the Hindu tradition it is said that Sat Chit Ananda is our true nature. These are three Sanskrit terms. The most usual translation of these terms is as follows: Sat = absolute beingness, Chit = absolute consciousness, Ananda = absolute bliss. However in the Hindu tradition such terms are seen as a kind of code that require contemplation and meditation in order to uncover the deeper significance that they hold for the individual. They are seen to be carriers of the primordial energy into which the ancient seers tapped in their deepest realization of the eternal truths of existence. The student of consciousness today will connect with this energy if one is able to open up beyond mere intellectual understanding to the deeper revelations inherent in these terms.

In a Skype interview (see below) the spiritual teacher Gangaji speaks of Sat Chit Ananda in response to the interviewer’s question as to her definition of love:
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