Arizona Beach Retreat Journal Entry

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This Saturday, April 6, Alia and I spoke of my taking a personal retreat out at Arizona Beach Lodge for a couple of days, however we didn’t have any extra cash at the moment so we were considering how to make it work. I suggested that I call the couple who run the motel there and see what rate they could give me for two nights at the beginning of the week, when they are most likely empty at this time of the year. They offered me a reduced rate and it looked like we would be able to make it work. Five minutes later I called back to ask if the room had a hotplate for cooking. To my surprise they then said I could have the large three bed unit with the full kitchen (the one I had stayed in a few times before)for FREE if I would clean it. I was ecstatic and of course agreed immediately. By Sunday afternoon I was there!

As I had half expected, the three-bedroom unit at the lodge had been occupied by at least 5 persons if not more, for several days. That is why the owners hadn’t cleaned it yet. After a bit less than three hours it was clean and fresh again, so his offer to let me stay two nights for free if I would clean it was, from his point of view, a very welcome trade-off of Universal Value.

I watched Matrix one last night, something I had been wanting to do for a while, to see it again from my present perspective, not having seen it since it came out in 1999.

Then I listened to an Alan Watts clip and a Mooji clip I had downloaded, read some more Alan Watts and a bit in the Ramana book by his disciples and slept quite well.

One part in the Ramana book was quite remarkable: one woman who, through several instances of UV-exchange, ended up as head cook in the early days of the ashram (1929 ~) wrote of her experiences with Ramana. At that time he was very active in the affairs of the ashram and was in the kitchen quite often.

He often said that everything that was happening depended on him, and that is why it was best for all to follow his instructions. This was not a statement in the sense of ‘authority’ or ‘hierarchy’, as one might think: he had instructed the cooks to prepare a certain “snake gourd”, of which they had received a large amount as a donation. Usually the water is squeezed out of this vegetable to shorten the frying time, but Ramana instructed to fry it as it was. So it took quite a while and they were sitting close to the fire stirring the vegetable in the big iron pan with their long spoons. Suddenly, Ramana let go of his spoon and stared, motionless. When the woman (the head cook) looked at him, her mind stood still. Everything disappeared from before her eyes. After some time Ramana moved, and as he moved, her mind also began to function again.

“The curry is noiseless,” he said. “It is time to add the spices.” She added: when the curry of the mind is silent, then is the time to add the spice of wisdom.

This reminds me of all the statements by Ramana, Nisargadatta, Krishnamurti and others as to the fact that the world we see is literally spewing forth from ‘our’ mind much as the web of spider. In this case, since Ramana was absolutely consciously aware of all manifestation coming forth from ‘his’ mind, the state of his mind had an absolute effect on the ‘minds’ that were part of ‘his’ world. You and I are intermittently and partially aware of being the source of our world, so in this sense ‘full consciousness’ points to our becoming absolutely consciously aware of ‘our’ Beingness as the Source. These statements can most likely not be understood by the linear mind and need to be ‘grokked’ by the Eternal Essence that you really are.

Another nice aside on the subject of Universal Value-exchange: I brought my espresso coffee pot, but no coffee. I only noticed this when I opened the cupboard door to see what food-stuffs others had left here in the kitchen and, low and behold, there was an almost full pound of Barista Dark Roast ground Boondock Bay Gourmet Coffee from S.F. Tastes quite good – I’m on my second pot this morning (that’s why I ‘m typing so much 😉 ) I have the back door open and moved the kitchen table right to the entrance, so the sun shines (intermittently) right onto the table. I look up to the woods behind the lodge and see an Osprey nest straight ahead. The birds are flying in and out but, funny thing, they are totally silent… I only heard one single cry all morning. It is very peaceful.

Now it’s time to take a walk to the beach as it looks like the rain has stopped for a while.

12 thoughts on “Arizona Beach Retreat Journal Entry

  1. “There is no spoon,” Tomas. haha. I love it. Neo, Osprey, Ramana, Watts, and the beach. What a wonderful life. Enjoy, my friend. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

  2. How wonderful, I’m so happy for you Tomas! Bartering is the future, an excellent UV exchange. Meditating in the woods, by the beach is a great way to renew your outlook on life. Enjoy this glorious retreat, the Matrix will still be there but you’ll see the codes/ signs more clearly. My love to you and Alia, have fun today! 😀

    • Thank you, Dear Maddy! Indeed the codes do not affect you the same way they used to now that you see them for what they are… 😉 The pivotal scene is when Neo says “No!” to the bullets and they drop to the ground, lifeless and harmless. Namaste’ and thank you for your good wishes! ☼ tomas ♥

  3. It only takes $$$ if you think it takes $$$ 🙂 . Wonderful manifestation of the magic there Tomas. Was watching Matrix chips last Friday. Wonder what agents are in the collective water at the moment… ??? lol.

    Bounteous beautiful beach bliss blessings on your head. Thank you for making the effort to share your retreat with us all. -x.M

    • Thank you for the blessings…they came raining down wonderfully this morning… hope to get a short YouTube posted – don’t have much Internet at the Lodge… 🙂 The Matrix is coming down as well ☼ tomas ♥

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