i am learning how to be a flower


An amazing poem about the agenda of light for Humanity in this time ~

“There are so many songs waiting in the garden of your belly for permission to grow…”

“There is a universe in my body…”

“but i am learning how to be a flower…”

An original poem written & performed by Dominque Ashaheed :: poet, teacher, mama, international women’s slam poetry champion 2012, national slam poetry champion 2012

How this poem came to be, in the words of Katie Hess:

reposted from:


“I first saw Dominique perform at the Lohas Conference in 2012. Seeing her in person you get a full-on dose of her power. She has an other-worldly gift: when she speaks, the sound of her voice reaches down and grabs something so deep in your heart, you come undone.

You don’t know where it’s coming from. You don’t expect it. You sit with curiosity, intrigue, perhaps waiting to be entertained or inspired. And then it happens. Tears are streaming down your face. All thoughts dissolve and your mind is silent.  It’s just the pure essence and energy of being present in that moment, hanging on to the edge. of. each. word. It’s the words, but it’s not the words. It’s something deeper. The words are just the structure, the vehicle for her to deliver her packets of energy–love letters that go straight to your heart.

I invited Dominique to Phoenix to write a poem for you. I picked her up from the airport one morning and brought her to our offices. I talked about flowers, nature, our work, and how we wish to benefit the whole world … and then she sat down with her iPad and wrote. And wrote. And wrote. A poem. Right there and then. Just like that. After lunch she performed. And we wept, standing there listening, letting her voice wash over us, brushing tears off of our cheeks. Even David, the photographer, held his breath watching her in action – it took his breath away. Dominique recited the poem several times so we could get a beautiful video of it for you. Each time we stood frozen, unable to move, until she said the last word. Each time she read the poem, I heard something in a different way, a whole new vast meaning to the same sounds.

This video is a love letter for you. For your heart. Your innermost essence and being. A love poem for you. You are a perfect flower. Bloom, baby bloom!”

Thank you to Alia Indrawan for introducing me to Dominique Ashaheed: http://www.aliaindrawan.com/i-am-learning-how-to-be-a-flower/

6 thoughts on “i am learning how to be a flower

  1. “Learning how to reassemble these bones into starshine…” ♥That’s pure magic♥
    Thank you Tomas for this wonderful share. I love the way her tongue piercing sparkles as she speaks. Like she’s catching these loving vibes from heaven to infuse us with. ☼

    • ohhhh! that is a good one: “Learning how to reassemble these bones into starshine…”
      I may actually take the time and transcribe it all… so much richness in it ~ and I love your words on her “catching these loving vibes”, too! ♥ tomas

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