Five Components of a Harmonious Spiritual Lifestyle

Pure FoodIn this post I will share some of the main components that are important to me for maintaining a harmonious spiritual lifestyle. Such a lifestyle is the act of living in the awareness that life is a mystery and that some aspects of my existence are visible and physical and others are invisible and non-physical. I experience this harmony when specific aspects of my life are balanced, which means that I am giving them sufficient attention. These are not cut-and-dried separate components; rather they all intertwine and spiral together in my energy field. Ideally, they complement and potentiate each other. Of course, this is my view based on my own experience. You will want to adapt the concepts used and the suggestions made in this article to your own perspective. In a nutshell, when living a harmonious spiritual lifestyle, my psychosomatic organism (my operating system) functions smoothly, like a clean machine. The entails removing any sludge and residue from the engine, so be sure to keep letting go of old mental, emotional and physical stuff that doesn’t serve anymore. What I then choose to do using this smoothly operating system is another topic.

In this article I draw on material from the excellent book: Bringers of the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak (Chapter 20 “Your Commitment to Evolve in 3-D”, pp. 225 ff.)

Health1. This first component is what I call INNER ALIGNMENT, which in the text below is referred to as “Intention”:

“Two or three times a day, devote a small portion of your time to getting clear about what you want.”

“With a sense of deserving and graciousness, discover inside yourself what will bring you happiness. What makes you feel light and connected and alive? What do you desire that will bring peace on the planet as you occupy your own being? Whatever those things are, begin to want them. Call them to yourself by saying, “It is my intention that I experience a harmonious lifestyle. It is my intention to experience health and energy that lead me to creative adventures. It is my intention that I be well provided for, that shelter and food and all of the things I need to experience life be given to me in great abundance, and that I pass this great abundance on and share it with others.”

My INNER ALIGNMENT changes sometimes almost daily and therefore, I find it very useful to start off every morning with a version of the above contemplation that includes these basic inquiries: “What will bring me happiness? What makes me feel light and connected and alive? What do I desire that will bring peace on the planet?”

Health2. The second component is ACTIVATING MY BODY. Over the years I have accumulated several routines in yoga, qi gong, tai chi, meditative walking, aerobic walking and intuitive freestyle. I find that anything which helps me to come into my body after sleep and feel that my energy is flowing is good. Deep, aware breathing is part of this component. I determine that my body has been activated when I am free of pain and stiffness and I feel joy at being in my body.

“It is very important for everyone who wishes to be in complete balance with their physical being to practice, on a regular basis, some kind of deep-breathing program. This is a program in which breath is very important and oxygenation is practiced so that oxygen is brought into the body.”

3. LIGHT WORK is the third component. By this I mean opening my senses to the energy of light,Health or the primordial chi energy and actively bringing it into my energy field, which activates my energy centers (chakras). This connects me and aligns me to the energy of the cosmos, the Intelligent Infinity, which is the One Being of which I am an appearance.

“Every day open the energy centers in your body and above your body by calling the frequency of light. We call this the pillar of light. Picture a beam of light coming into your twelve chakra centers, seven inside your body and five outside your body. These chakras are information centers or vortexes that, once activated, begin to spin. When they spin, they create a movement inside your body that activates the light-encoded filaments to work together, re-bundle, and form the twelve evolving helixes in the body.”

Spinning is very useful to harmonize and activate the physical body, as well as to influence the rate of activity of the chakras:

sun1“Another activity we recommend for those of you who wish to move into a vast acceleration of energy is spinning. Move from left to right, spinning around and focusing your vision on your thumb (while holding your arms outstretched), counting and spinning. We recommend that you spin thirty-three times at least once a day. You may build up to the thirty-three spins very slowly.”

“If you are able to work up to thirty-three spins, three times a day, so that you are spinning ninety-nine times, well, we will see how long you stay on the planet – or at least in this dimension. When you complete spinning, however many times you spin, bring your palms together at chest level. Press them together, keeping your eyes open, and balance yourself with your feet a shoulder’s width apart so that you feel anchored and still feel the spinning at the same time. This tremendously accelerates the spinning of the chakra systems inside your body, which tremendously accelerates the rate at which you can interpret and receive data.”

Light Work, as is mentioned here, includes opening up to connect with aspects of Intelligent Infinity in order to be guided and inspired in my daily life by information from beyond the physical realm. I receive this information from various sources: books, blogs, videos, poems, people and other beings that I encounter, such as the wind, the rain, the trees, etc., as well as through my own direct perception.

Health4. Component four is NOURISHMENT. For me nourishment is everything that I bring into my mental, emotional or physical body that fuels me. If I want to run like a fine-tuned vehicle (used to be a Ferrari, now, with a more quiet demeanor, it is more like a solid, quietly running Mercedes), the fuel and oil need to be of the finest quality. I therefore monitor my food and drink carefully and lovingly. The same goes for the conversations I engage in and the media input I open myself up to: all of these influence my frequency immensely.  

“As you are electronic beings who are altering your frequency at a very fast rate, we would recommend that you drink a tremendous amount of water: fresh water, purified water, or spring water. Water acts as a conduit or conductor. It keeps your system open and flowing.”

5. The fifth component is connected to all of the others and yet has its own specific quality: GROUNDING.

Health“Many of you want to reach the higher realms and stay there, forgetting that your task is here on Earth. You must learn to stay grounded. The necessity of being grounded is something many of you do not understand. You will soon find out that if you move into greater and greater acceleration and you do not have grounds — things to connect you and pull the worlds into one — you may have difficulty with your nervous systems. When frequency changes and more light comes into the body, the typical vehicle begins to receive much more data.”

“Sometimes you get very bored living in your world, and you just want to come into data receptivity and forget about what you consider the mundane world. If you are not grounded, you will not have a way of allowing that information to enter your reality and be put to use. It could simply overload your system, or you could not be able to translate what you are getting and stay calm.”

“A good way to ground yourself is to go outside and sit on the ground. So go outside and be in nature. Stand or sit next to a tree for a while. Put your chair in the sun and read a book with the sun shining on you. Or go swimming, or put your feet in water. These are the elements. They make up Earth, so you can feel them.”

I include in this component “simplicity”, which for me means coming back again and again to my basic realization of the Oneness of all things and allowing myself to settle into that sense of my eternal essence as my sanctuary, the bed-rock of my existence.

cocoonemerganceThis final passage (from the book “Bringers of the Dawn”) gives me a sense of my over-riding purpose here on Earth, and keeping that in my awareness helps simplify much in my life:

“If you could aspire to anything, we would ask you to become impeccable Keepers of Frequency. Keep inside yourself knowledge and information of the highest order, an order of unlimited being. Make that frequency, simply by living it, available to all around you by walking your streets, shopping in your stores, and simply resting on your pillows in the evening and knowing who you are.”


19 thoughts on “Five Components of a Harmonious Spiritual Lifestyle

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  2. aloha Tomas. it’s clear to me that i am a novice every day of this life. that’s okay of course. still i question and explore things i encounter. would you be able to elaborate on spinning? i’m attempting to understand it in my own way. one of the things i have noticed is that by turning clockwise (left to right) as you mention here, my body parts are always using a balance in that one direction. i feel an urge to go in the other direction to balance that sense of body use in my body. however your words were quite clear and i’m wondering why or the reasoning for that one direction (i looked for samples on the web and have found what seem to be this spinning and people seem to go in the other direction as well, however i dont know if that is accurate or not).

    i worked up to the 3 rounds of 33 per day over a few days. i like the way i feel, both during the spins and when i stop. balance does not seem to be an issue for me either while spinning or as i stop. still, i dont know that i’m doing it in the right way either.

    thank you for your words. aloha.

    • Hello Rick,
      I’m sorry I am responding this long after your comment – I just saw it today 🙂 About the spinning: I feel most comfortable spinning clockwise, but I do know of many who spin counterclockwise and that feels right to them. I am told that the spinning influences and activates the energy centers in the body (chakras) and so this might be interesting for you: “There are numerous descriptions of the major chakras and the direction they rotate or spin. Two primary beliefs predominate:
      Healthy chakras always spin clockwise.
      Certain chakras naturally spin clockwise while others spin counterclockwise.
      From our viewpoint, all the chakras spin simultaneously clockwise and counterclockwise.”
      The URL for this site is:
      If this information is correct it would explain why some feel better spinning one way and others feel better the other way. I have always followed my own feeling and noticed what supports me and then I go with that, even if it contradicts what “the book” says. Hope this helps! 🙂 tomas ♥

      • aloha Tomas – thank you (and no worries about time responding, i know how time, a blog and life can work—i appreciate the response).

        yes, i see. that makes sense and i agree with your “how it makes you feel” as one of the keys. trusting ourself is part of that key as i see it too.

        what i was questioning was physical in the sense of muscle movement to rotate. i’ve continued to spin and i do not notice that issue as much now. i do notice how i feel on the days when i complete all three sets (i’m not consistently getting all 3 sets in, usually 2 and sometimes i miss the third—i’ll work on that) and i feel good about how i feel.

        at this point as my body has accepted the rotation i will continue with the clockwise direction. i can feel how the spinning fits into yoga, breathing and meditation as well, which i like (all things i work toward but feel i do not reach my ideal goal consistently—on the other hand when i do reach it consistently for a time i’ve noticed i inevitably increase the goal until i fall off it—we are such complex beings. it’s good to keep after these things as i see it tho.) thank you. aloha – rick

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  6. Wonderful reminders Tomas, thank you for this summary! ☼ I’m working on nourishment and grounding at this point in my life. Grateful for everything, community, sense of belonging and divine friends everywhere! ♥ Much love to you & Alia, be well. ♥

  7. I too read Bringers of the Dawn years ago and thought it a pivotal book. Lovely post, thank you. The Guardian is ok’ish, try the Independent too and see what you think of that one. Another UK paper here.

    • Thank you, Stephanie. I don’t follow the Guardian’s view of the world by any means, but find their coverage of events around the world quite a bit more comprehensive than any US news-media. I will check out the Independent. Every so often I also look at Al Jazeera for another viewpoint on the Middle East and affairs in the developing countries. ☼ tomas

  8. Hi Tomas, Great Post and Excellent suggestions. The spinning is a new one for me, and I think I’ll give that a try. I’m becoming very mindful of eating and thinking process in order to stay grounded, but you’ve added a new dimension for me – thanks for that. I’ll definitely refer to this post again.
    Much Love, Sandy

  9. great post and lovely art. I particularly like the nourishment component. Have been thinking a lot lately about what I put into my body or mind in terms of media images and information. Once they’re in that’s it, no dislodging them, so it’s important to be picky!! It’s also important to remember how biased the news is, even from trustworthy sources…
    I love the idea of spinning, will be trying this out and checking out the book, so thanks! See you on Happsters!

    • I am Happy that you find it useful! Yes, the media is more or less all consciousness manipulation. I connect with online news sources like the Huffington Post or some mainstream like Guardian Unlimited, a paper in the UK, and then I can pick and choose what I want to look at. We have been fed the myth about “keeping informed” – but that needs to be questioned fundamentally.
      Also, you can click on the title of the book and there is a link to a PDF of the book. Enjoy! …and See you on Happsters! ☼ tomas ♥

  10. I first read Bringers of the Dawn about 30 years ago (I can’t believe it’s been that long!) It was one of those pivotal books for me, brought me to tears. I read it again maybe 10 years ago – same reaction. And now here it is, exactly when I need to hear the message again. Thank you!

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