Five Components of a Harmonious Spiritual Lifestyle

Pure FoodIn this post I will share some of the main components that are important to me for maintaining a harmonious spiritual lifestyle. Such a lifestyle is the act of living in the awareness that life is a mystery and that some aspects of my existence are visible and physical and others are invisible and non-physical. I experience this harmony when specific aspects of my life are balanced, which means that I am giving them sufficient attention. These are not cut-and-dried separate components; rather they all intertwine and spiral together in my energy field. Ideally, they complement and potentiate each other. Of course, this is my view based on my own experience. You will want to adapt the concepts used and the suggestions made in this article to your own perspective. In a nutshell, when living a harmonious spiritual lifestyle, my psychosomatic organism (my operating system) functions smoothly, like a clean machine. The entails removing any sludge and residue from the engine, so be sure to keep letting go of old mental, emotional and physical stuff that doesn’t serve anymore. What I then choose to do using this smoothly operating system is another topic.

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Composing Me Outside & In Today

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This is the outer music that is composing me today:

With the hearing of it, I feel like the very particles of hardened light that I believe make up my body, find a beginning softening to their edges.  I close my eyes and listen to these external musical notes which then help bring my awareness to the place where they are actually being heard, past my ears to somewhere inside of me… somewhere wonderful and deep inside myself, inside this body.  Anything then outside this inner hearing begins to soften and fade away.

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The Truth in 1:22


Enjoy Alan Watts – Self-described Spiritual Entertainer


Forgiveness Three – …and forget

Forgiveness Three - ...and forget

Part Three of Three

First LET IT GO and then forgive. Forgive and then FORGET. When I re-member something, I am bringing it back into my energy field. Once I have looked at something that I have done to another or that another has done to me and have gone into it to see what the situation is calling me to look at, then it remains for me to take in the lesson into my heart. The final step is to SET IT FREE. I am setting free the emotional energy of that encounter. I am no longer holding it captive in my energy field. That energy is now free to move freely again as it will.
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Forgiveness Two – I Set Myself Free

Forgiveness Two - Set Yourself Free

Part Two of Three

I love this one. I realize I have been the captive bird, the prisoner. How did the whole situation come about? Let me take one version from my life: I found myself accepting the authority of another. I put myself in his power by giving up my power. Of course at the time I didn’t see it that way at all.

Here is the story in short form: a few years previous to this incident I had joined an intentional community. We were approximately 30 adults and 9 children who had pooled all our resources to realize our common dream – at least those were our thoughts. The story unfolded over the course of ten years in which I learned very much, but also suffered very much under the emotional turbulence that pervaded the community.
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Forgiveness One – B4Peace

Forgiveness - B4Peace

Part One of Three

I am contemplating various facets of forgiveness and several different views on this topic; this post is the first of a short series.

Why do we often feel that we need to forgive someone, or that we wish and hope someone will forgive us? Usually we take forgiveness to mean to excuse for a fault or an offense; to pardon and also to renounce anger or resentment against someone.

The origin of this word dates back to before the year 900: (Old English forgiefan: for = “completely” + giefan = “give“) the meaning was basically “to give up desire or power to punish” and also “grant”; “allow”. From this I sense the emotional content of forgiveness: a generosity, an opening of the clenched fist, becoming magnanimous. This last term is very clear as it is composed of the two Latin words for “great” and “soul”. We are pointed toward our capacity to be “great-souled”, or, as we might say: noble-minded.
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Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs

Tim Harris was born with Down Syndrome. And when Tim’s Place opened in Albuquerque, New Mexico in June of 2012, he became the world’s first restaurant owner with Down Syndrome.

Tim’s Place now serves Breakfast, Lunch, and Hugs 7 days a week, in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

“We believe too many experiences in our busy modern lives are impersonal, sterile, and devoid of genuine human connection. You won’t find that at Tim’s Place.”

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