Pratiprasava – Procreation

Pratiprasava is a term from the Yoga Sutras and is usually translated with the English word Procreation. The inner sense it that one swims upstream to the source of Creation, and the stream is the conditioned stream of our consciousness, often called a ‘mental stream’. So this entails stepping out of the mental stream, standing apart from it and then directing one’s awareness/attention toward the origin and inception point of all mentation, which is the first mental form “I”.


Pratiprasava Counter-Creation

There are not two. You alone are.

True joy is inner, is pure effulgence.

Intensity is inner, experience is outer.

Swallow the world and all experience.

Resolve the stream back into its source.

Be the stillpoint of the Tao: there all is clear.

Live without having to evaluate or understand.

It is one moving for itself, celebrating in all forms.


The teacher points:

I take my stand where no difference exists, where things are not, nor the minds that create them. There I am at home. Whatever happens does not affect me – things act on things; that is all. Free from memory and expectation, I am fresh, innocent and wholehearted. Needing nothing, I am unafraid. Whom to be afraid of? There is no separation, we are not separate selves. There is only one Self, the Supreme Reality, in which the personal and the impersonal are one. I know what I am: I am a center of wisdom and love, an atom of pure existence. All subsides and the mind merges into silence. On a deeper level, my experience is your experience. Dive deep within yourself and you will find it easily and simply. Go in the direction “I am”.




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14 thoughts on “Pratiprasava – Procreation

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  5. Tomas,
    I just finished reading Maddy’s post on Calculating World Peace which is all about empty mind. I checked twitter real quick and found your tweet for this post. “I take my stand where no difference exists, where things are not, nor the minds that create them.” The words could have come straight out of Maddy’s post. We ARE all one. We are all one mind. Grateful for your presence. {{{Hugs}}} kozo

  6. Beautiful. Truth! Do you know the source of the picture/quote? It sounds very much in line with the Upanishads which I’ve been reading and loving. The rishis figured out all this stuff millennia ago and yet we (humankind in general) still haven’t caught on 😛 Thanks for sharing 🙂

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