Leaving Presence


Just yesterday I was looking at all the New Age views about ‘something great’ about to come around the corner etc. and how that continues to program everyone onto ‘hope’, ‘faith’ and the identity that is built around ‘becoming a multi-dimensional being’ etc. This all keeps us from the amazing fact of just how amazing is that <being> that is already here, and is as yet hardly explored by anyone I know of.


Anyone who pays attention to their insides eventually notices the inner human impulse to constantly move out of the present moment. I’ve been focusing on this a lot this lately and have observed two different aspects within this movement.

One has to do with a core need to control everything. My inner control freak is an absolutely fundamental part of my pattern of being in the world. I notice that I have a compulsion to manage, organize, and finesse every object, occurrence, and structure of reality. My mind wants to touch everything and shape it. This tendency continually takes me off the flowing path of presence and down little side trails.

Of course a lot of this mental activity is necessary and unavoidable. But I definitely overdo it. I recognize that it’s not helpful to give myself a hard time about it. Instead, I just notice when I’m doing it…

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