You are the infinite focused in a body


English: Nisargadatta Maharaj

There is nothing wrong with you as the Self. It is what it is to perfection. It is the mirror that is not clear and true and, therefore, gives you false images. You need not correct yourself—only set right your idea of yourself. Learn to separate yourself from the image and the mirror, keep on remembering: I am neither the mind nor its ideas: do it patiently and with convictions and you will surely come to the direct vision of yourself as the source of being—knowing—loving, eternal, all-embracing all-pervading. You are the infinite focused in a body. Now you see the body only. Try earnestly and you will come to see the infinite only.

I Am That ch-69

Nisargadatta 2-25-13


7 thoughts on “You are the infinite focused in a body

    • You are welcome, Dani! I am noticing more and more things happening in perfect timing nowadays – maybe a sign that things are aligning on a deeper level? ☼ Much ♥ tomas

    • Let me know when it happens 😉 Just joking 🙂 actually I do feel that “overlay” is happening more and more naturally as I just ‘let it be’. Thanks for your response ~ tomas ♥

      • Yes I do too, there is a real sense of the infinite finding its way through the “fog” and being freer flowing into the physical. These last few months. Less resistance seemingly and the awareness enables the flow.

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