Living Love: Day 22 – Courage is Natural to the Heart

Living LoveOn this second-to-last day of the 23 Days of Love I reflect on the process of writing during these days since Day One on January 24, 2013. I was used to writing what suggested itself to me on a certain day. There was no commitment to write every day. Now I entered into the rhythm of sitting down every day to write on a certain “verse”, as I called the individual Tweets of Omnipresent Love that I complied into the 23 Qualities of Love. Here is the verse for today:

22. What seems courageous to the mind is simply natural to the heart

In James Carse’s delightful book “Breakfast at the Victory – The Mysticism of Ordinary Experience” I came across this passage: “W.H. Auden said that we become poets not because we have important things we want to say but because we ‘like hanging around words and listening to what they have to say.’  True creativity stands aside so each word, each form, can emerge with its own energy. True creativity leaves the question of its origin unresolved.” I have often complemented other bloggers on their writing by saying that they had ‘brought down’ another good one. This is what I hear from W.H. Auden’s words above.

Rudolf Steiner, whom I greatly admire for his teachings in many areas, spoke of each language as an entity. He said that when speaking a language you actually allow the language to express itself through you. The more consciously you are able to connect with the Beingness of the language (its essence), the more your expression is not just your superficial mind expressing itself. I experienced this especially during this writing project; I listened to what each verse wanted to say on that particular day.

Today’s verse points out that there is a parallel to good, heartfelt writing or creative activity of any kind and courageous action. An artist who is recognized as a creator of great art will say that he or she does not have the sense of doing anything extraordinary. Of course there is the diligence of mastering the suitable technique, be it using language, paint or any other medium. Even as Einstein emphasized that deep insights come when the mind is ‘in neutral’ so to speak, so does every creative endeavor reach great heights when the artist is in the ‘zone’ – that place beyond the limited local self.

MichelangeloDavidMy experience is that the place beyond, in the ‘zone’ is the place of heart connection. Just as the linear operating mind will look at Michelangelo’s David and feel that it is a magical work of art of which the ‘normal’ person would never be capable, there is another perspective as well. The ‘normal’ person up to now has been quite limited and constricted in his/her ability to express the transcendent because they (you and I) have seen themselves as constricted and limited persons.

Looking through the world that is brought to us by the Internet, one’s sense of what is ‘normal’ has radically changed in the last decade. Yes, there is much trash and triviality to be found, but there are also such treasures of beauty that are just now possible. They bear witness to a freedom of expression and a heart connection which is expanding around the Globe. To the 10, 15 and 20-year-olds of today it all seems natural.

wordcloud Living Love Day 22

wordcloud Living Love Day 22


11 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 22 – Courage is Natural to the Heart

  1. “What seems courageous to the mind is simply natural to the heart.”
    nice thought you have here 🙂 the heart is equally courageous and foolish and brave.. and right 🙂

  2. Excellent points you’ve raised Tomas. The world wide web can be seen as the new reality of collective human consciousness. Information, emotions, opinions, ideas, creativity, song, poetry esp love can be expressed directly, relevantly contributing to our growth & quality of life.
    While we can certainly “unplug” from this cyber-reality, would we choose to do so? There are positive and negative aspects to every dimension of existence, why not embrace the best that humanity has to offer?
    “They bear witness to a freedom of expression and a heart connection which is expanding around the Globe.” What a lovely truth, the time has come to unite with loving consciousness. ♥

  3. That’s a great post, Tomas. Well done! 🙂 I agree with you that crafting art is a courageous process. That’s a very valid point. A true artist is someone who is courageous enough to brings light to the heart of humanity. Their main job is not writing or composing music, but to pour their love in their writing and their music. Only then can society benefit from their art. That is why when a society cannot produce a writer to speak its mind, it longs for a poet to sing its heart.

      • Ahahaha, ‘Allahu Akbar’, yes, of course, God is great, Mabruk wa barakallahu ‘alayka, Tomas. Satuajjirullahu laka ajran azhima.. 🙂

        Congratulations and May God bless you. May He reward you with abundant and the best of rewards

  4. Beautiful post here and expressed well. Hope you have enjoyed your journey, I too am doing something very similiar with the weekly reflections of the Northumbria Community. It is a great feeling excercise isn’t it!

  5. Yes, Dear One, it has been an interesting experience for me to bear witness to your disciplined commitment to enter into this daily writing exercise. I am proud of what you have done and how you have “listened for the words” and been true to your process. Thank you for sharing the fruits of this excellent pursuit with us. Many blessings, Alia

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