Living Love: Day 20 – Pride & Boundaries & Silence

Living LoveWhat a great topic! I am proud of myself. I see what I have gone through to be here now and it is amazing! I am very proud of myself! I am also proud of every other human who has made it through up till this day, February 20, 2013. Sometimes I see how every one of us on this beautiful planet Earth is a hero for having made it alive one more day. Life is very challenging in so many ways. I am absolutely amazed that more and more are not only making it, but are thriving, and if not in materialistic terms, so they are thriving spiritually and morally.

20. Pride forms barriers. Love dissolves boundaries

Does pride form barriers? Yes, it can when it is the pride of the small, limited, petty self, living as a self-absorbed ego-centered pseudo entity. The pride of “I am better than others” does create separation, of course.

silence of the NorthMy wonderful teacher Rajo spoke of the kind of pride that one should cultivate: “Be proud of your relationship to the Silence in the infinite space inside of you”. He spoke of the Silence that is our connection to the homogeneous Whole with which we can align ourselves in order to be fulfilled with the pure energy of Love from that Silence. No noise or sound or movements interrupt the flow of that Silence as it encompasses all phenomena. He said that all phenomena are within that Silence and so nothing could ever disturb It. We can be very proud of our relationship to that Silence as in it there are no boundaries. Yes, It is synonymous with Love.

wordcloud day 20

wordcloud Living Love Day 20 – Pride, Boundaries, Silence


15 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 20 – Pride & Boundaries & Silence

      • You’re welcome : ) And thanks to you too. Hug!

        When you choose a card, then you write a text in the card. After that you write the emailadress from you and your name. Than the name from the person you send the card to and that emailadress, then click on send.

        It’s not my site, but I find it wonderful what these artist are made : )

        Sweet loving greetings, Summer

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  2. “to the silence and the infinite space inside of you.” As the youngest of four, I grew up in a loud, busy environment. It took me a long time to develop a relationship with silence. I needed noise to fill a void of emptiness inside of me. Even when go home today, it’s never calm, or quiet. I’m thankful for my silence. I would not be who I am without it. And I know it only gets better.

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