Living Love: Day 18 – Destiny

18. We forget our origin and destiny when we lose sight of Love

Where do I come from? What is my origin? Even without finding an answer to this question I find that the question itself changes my perspective and my experience. To pose this question Living Loveis to turn and look at myself and to let go of the fascination with all of the shiny things that attract my attention from waking until I turn out the light. I look at myself, I look at what has become of my life in the past 63 years; how my dreams and inner experience have matured and developed. A closeness to myself opens up to me and I enter into an intimacy with myself. It is not as much of an intellectual inquiry as it is a “feeling my way into” and wanting to sense what I am and what I have become in these years. It is as if I were blindfolded and went into a dark room wanting to avoid bumping into the furniture. What am I? Who am I? What are we humans in this Earth experience?

What is my destiny? I am part of a huge stream of Humanity and beyond, of Life itself and what is my part? What does it mean to link my destiny consciously with Love and to put myself on the track to live as an expression of Love?

The sunset over the Pacific is spreading a soft peach hue over the western sky. Not a cloud to be seen. A gentle softness settles over the Earth.

soft peach sunset

wordcloud day 18

Wordcloud Day 18


5 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 18 – Destiny

  1. “What does it mean to link my destiny consciously with Love and to put myself on the track to live as an expression of Love?”
    How I wish that I had realized that this was my destiny and life’s purpose at the age of 18. I could have saved myself decades of searching in a labyrinth of false paths and dead ends. I could have avoided all those self-inflicted “failures” I pronounced upon my “undeserving self.” However, in the end (or the middle) Love has prevailed and claimed me anyway. I took the scenic route, yet still arrived on Love’s shores, in my perfect, pastel expression or Love — my Destiny. And how wonderful that I get to share that Love with you, Dear Tomas — Blessings, Alia

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