Living Love: Day 17 – Psychic Pollution

Living LoveWhenever I have the sense of separation it is pain. I may call it by various names like “bad mood”, “low energy”, “unsettled feeling”, “a hair in the soup” or “I am out of phase today”. It remains the fact that it is pain. Pain is felt when I inwardly run away from what life has put on my plate. My tooth throbs as the biology of me reacts to an abscess. It becomes pain when thought enters and I separate myself from that pure sensation which is called “throbbing”. Thought compares ‘what is’ to the memory of a non-throbbing state and declares: “This is not good! Alarm! Do something! We have to get away from this event!” Of course since I am this event I cannot ‘get away’ from it.

Hatred is one of the forms that thought takes in its delusional attempt to separate itself from some phenomenon that is judged to be a danger to my psychosomatic organism. It might be an insult that was spoken to me, or behavior of someone that I see as being a danger to me or my beliefs, for example the opinion on a blog that a certain country or people needs to be “disciplined” with the use of armed force. I hear the insult or read this opinion and judgment is triggered in my psyche. That judgment then leads to the emotional reaction of hate. I hate the one who insulted me, I hate the onedistorted perception who feels we must support war. I separate myself: I have nothing to do with one like that! I am different, I am better. This dynamic of biased perception and the ensuing thought and emotional reaction pollute my energy field. I no longer am able to see the phenomena clearly because my mind, my lens of perception, is tarnished and thus distorted. I look through my belief, my mental and emotional attachment to my belief and through my image of who I think I am.

17. Hatred pollutes. Love transmutes

Love is not an emotion or a feeling. In my perception it is almost always accompanied by emotions and feelings but it is actually a particular frequency of energy, not a feeling. As all forms of energy it is neutral. It has a unique frequency which determines how I experience whatever comes into my life while I am connected to that energy. The frequency of love is total interconnectedness of all phenomena.

Love is the energetic signature of the Absolute which Itself is not of the realm of existence as It is the source of existence. Existence is of the Absolute but the Absolute is not of any attributes of which existence consists (definition “absolute”: Something regarded as independent of and unrelated to anything else). When I am calibrated in my frequency to love I am actually calibrated to the Absolute which knows no comparison or judgment. It knows no separation for It is the living awareness of Oneness. When I am in the frequency of love everything IS AS IT IS, clear and simple. Love transmutes because it is of the higher, finer and more pervasive frequency and therefore it attunes the ‘hate’ energy up to its frequency.

Eyes_of_a_distorted_perception_by_foogoo609Hate is the classic frequency of separation. When that surfaces in my psyche due to some residue of past energy (vasanas) while I am deeply grounded in love and am connected to the Absolute, my experience will be one of transmutation of that old energy. I will see the image, perhaps, in my inner vision of the one I once felt hate for, and I experience how that image loses the former polluted tinge and discoloration of hate and his image shows up as colored with compassion and understanding, for example.

If I am triggered very suddenly, as we say “blind-sided” by such an emotional reaction, the best I may be able to do is to notice it as soon as possible and then make the effort to turn my back on the world, connect to the Absolute and open up to the love frequency again. As soon as I let go of the constriction of the lower frequency emotion of thought-form, the opening up will automatically and spontaneously allow the default energy of the universe to flood in, which is love.

Mind with Awareness

That’s when a state of awareness comes in.

It’s an acknowledgement of feelings and expectations in the ‘now’, without any judgment.  An awareness of what goes on in the mind in the present. And in that awareness lie hidden treasures of great strength. Because when I become aware of and acknowledge my vulnerability, it ceases of have its hold over me.

The ‘being’ of the mind may be likened to a vast sheet of still and calm waters into which the photo-water-drop3awareness of thoughts and feelings fall like a drop of water and ripple across the mind in clarity. The drop, after its moment of impact, spread outwards in ripples of lessening intensity leaving, behind still waters in its wake. Awareness of thoughts and feelings similarly may cause its momentary impact in the mind and then cease to hold dominion.

So the power of the mind, to me, is not about having the ability to eschew certain so called ‘negative thoughts and desires’. Because that in itself would only serve to focus on and fuel it further. Rather, the mind becomes powerful when its grinding wheels of never-ending thoughts stop churning for some time to just ‘be’ in the moment.

In that act of ‘being’, it becomes aware of and acknowledges deep seated thoughts, feelings and emotions without putting labels to it. And then moves on, because thoughts & feelings once acknowledged cease to hold sway over the mind.

And that’s when we have a ‘Mind with Awareness’, a powerful state of mindfulness to be in.” (Ann Joseph, Mind with Awareness)

Turn the Mind Inward and Renounce All Activity There

What is meant by the inner turn towards the Absolute? I turn towards the Absolute when I recognize the complete insanity of putting my hopes on any so-called positive outcome in the world from the stance as a separate entity. I can then recognize my actual and practical unicity with every phenomenon that appears in my field of perception. In Krishnamurti’s  words: “You are the world and the world is you”.

Ramana speaks of the ‘I-less’ Supreme Brahman and the Self-ether in an attempt to transmit bhagavan-ramana-maharshi6to us a sense for that which is the only real actuality, un-born and un-dying, and which is so close to us that we cannot ‘experience’ it, just as the fish cannot experience the water. Therefore our mind discounts it as non-existent. It is non-existent but nonetheless we breathe it and live it every second of every day. When I turn my back on the world as the focus for all my dreams, aspirations and yearning, then I am turned toward the Absolute. I let go of my allegiance to the world and return it to the Absolute. This inwards shift creates the alchemy of transmutation. It most often feels like despair or losing my mind, but it is quite the opposite. The sages say that my mind takes on the form of the Absolute, and I find myself in a reality quite beyond the realm in which hope and despair weave their treacherous net. This is called awakening.

wordcloud day 17

Wordcloud Living Love Day 17


12 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 17 – Psychic Pollution

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  4. Brilliant post, Tomas! Thanks for sharing so much wisdom! I like to give each of your articles a good time to read everything thoroughly, it’s precious info for everyone who pursues a spiritual journey and self growth!
    Thank you again!

  5. Thank you Tomas for another insightful post, such a blessed time to be alive. This incredible pace of self realization feels like dawning of the 2nd age of enlightenment, our potential is limitless. Right now is the best of all possible worlds playing out in front of our very existence. I feel expansive!

    • We are consciously experiencing a quantum leap in the evolution of our species – this may never have happened before anywhere – ever… Our consciousness is expanding, that much is for sure.

  6. The energy of “hate” also seems to me to be related more to a mental judgment, a strong prejudice against something or someone, fueled by anger (or rage). I’m not sure that “hate” is, in itself, an emotion. Nevertheless, bringing awareness to the judgment or prejudice — the mental construct that keeps our hate in place — is the academical process through which “hate” can be transmuted into Love or Light. Thank you, Tomas, for this most beautiful lesson regarding polluting and transmuting. Blessings, Alia

      • Thank you — I am noticing almost weekly that certain “themes” are being addressed in the messages I read and the ones I post. This has to be evidence of Unity Consciousness and our new 5D Reality. So happy to be part of it all. Much love, alia

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