Living Love: Day 11 – Eeyore on Love (B4Peace)

Living LoveOmigod! I finally got my cue to let my good friend Eeyore take over the message today. He did a great job, I think! And not so long… Eeyore always makes me feel good, and I guess that is part of love for sure.


So, here it is for Day 11:


11. We are illumined in the light of Love. We are empowered in the flow of Love.

We evolve when we create with Love 



11 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 11 – Eeyore on Love (B4Peace)

  1. I once channelled Eeyore the Donkey but he just kept crapping everywhere .
    then he just walked around in it, what a mess.
    My wife liked him just as much as yours for that,
    she hit him with a broom.
    so then I started channelling Tiny little cute mouse,
    there was hardly any mess but he was useless at ploughing the field.

    Now I just stare at the wall Hallelujah.
    That thing is making a stance look at it.
    All pain and suffering come from it.
    Am I inside or outside the wall.
    Do I want to feel protected or do I want to confine.

    Let me see if I can laugh, no that’s not happening .
    let me try again.
    no the walls still there.

    let me feel the weight of my body sink as I exhale the poison of my breath.

    Now yes
    now that wall is glass
    and I am remiss to see the love
    I have spurned with my donkeys Ass.

    Her tears are more than any sip of wine
    to intoxicate me with her love once more.
    I am, I am, I am,
    but a stupid fool.

    • Hahahahahaha! Laughter cannot be invited, contrary to Osho’s teachings… When Eeyore sees to wall he just leans against it, happy to have something to lean against. Lucky him, for being a stupid fool, thinking the wall loves him just because it doesn’t shy away from his approach! Ah, to be a blissfully glooomy donkey!

      • If donkey had of seen the Berlin wall come down he would have laughed his Ass off , along with every one else. In fact he would have exploded! with laughter.

        • You know, funny you say that (pun intended) I was actually living in Berlin when that happened – and my fiance at that time was in East Berlin. I could visit her with my US passport but she couldn’t come over to visit me. Yes, on that Thursday (November 9, 1989) and that weekend everyone was laughing – also realizing (some of them, and I was one of them) that they had held the Wall in their minds and that made it “reality”. Now that ‘events’ had made it seem ‘logical’ for the wall to come down, it did. It’s all how we see things… Very mysterious! Eeyore would say: “I guess its true, they said it on TV, but it’ll be kind of lonely without my Wall…”

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