Living Love: Day 8 – True Identity

Living Love

Turn yourself around – Inside.

Now you are looking out.

These are projected pictures.

The screen is the world, your mind.

From somewhere behind you

Comes the light.

Turn around and look.

Shining through the shapes of your residue,

Past emotions, past impressions

Is the light.

All that disturbed you and all that elated you

Are dense shapes on the film that is consciousness.

The light shines through this film and pictures appear

In your inner or outer world.

Life as we know it consists of looking and interacting with these pictures. Our human forms with all our thoughts and feelings, are pictures our in consciousness as well. All we know is made up of these pictures in consciousness and this we call ‘mind’.

So what does it mean to ‘turn around inside’? It means to psychologically disassociate ourselves from all that we know. That is a tall order. We are caught in the magnetic attraction of these pictures in consciousness. To pull ourselves away is like pulling one magnet away from another.

It feels like you are saying: “I don’t care about the world” or even “I don’t care about life”. Not so easy. All present concepts point in the other direction. They are part of the magnetic pull to Velcro on to the images we call ‘the world’. Courage is required to admit to yourself that you have been under a spell and that you are right now in a trance-state. We are all caught up in a very seductive self-perpetuating collective delusion: we are highly delusional.

As a caregiver when I was in a situation in which a client was caught up in a delusional state, I of course first of all played along and looked for the monster under the bed. That is the only way to enter into communication with that person in that condition. An so it is that all sages seem to be going along with our view of the state of affairs. Then they attempt to insert some essential elements that might trigger us to ‘wake up’.

And so we are directed to “turn the mind inward and renounce all activity there”. Step off the merry-go-round and just stop.

Then you look to the source of consciousness, the source of all these flickering images that are thrown on the screen by the light and hypnotize you by their beauty and their horror. Then you are ready to admit to yourself that nobody is right and nobody is wrong, because both polarities are part of the same collective and individual hallucination that is consciousness.

Then you ready to look to the light that projects all images, the entire world. Then you are ready to look to that from which consciousness arises, which is prior to consciousness. When you do that the weight of the world falls from your shoulders and you can feel the deep pain that consciousness in all its forms is.

None are willing to look at this view of the real state of affairs because our survival brain is coded to see such a view as a deep ‘taboo’. The existentialists began to stick their little tow into this water and the ancient scriptures of many cultures have clear pointers to this. We, however, did not have ‘eyes to see’.

When you are ready to look there, you connect with the source of all that is, which is not part of all that is because it is before existence. And yet it is. Then you connect with your true identity. Then no opinions touch you, for this truth is self-evident. It doesn’t need confirmation or agreement from any side.

Then the expression of you in consciousness will naturally be love, compassion and deep understanding of all that you encounter. You will walk as a source of clarity and love into the world.

8. Have the courage to love yourself. Unburden your heart and open your mind to the realization of your true identity and unity with all life


23 thoughts on “Living Love: Day 8 – True Identity

  1. Again, I am reminded of sitting in the “seat of Self” (Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul), a witness and not a participant in the mind’s repeated attempts to “be okay.” One merely “sits through the disturbance” of attaching to “personal energies.” Thank you, Tomas, for yet another beautiful post.


    • Thank you Grandmalin! At present I am (once again) looking more into all that I am NOT, and sensing that what then remains will be what I truly am… and on it goes!
      Love and Joy to you!

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