Living Love: Day Seven – Natural Courage

Living LoveOn this Day Seventh of My 23 Days of Love Meditation I reflect on the word “Courage”.

I have often contemplated why it is that those who act courageously in a situation always say that they just did what came naturally, without thinking.

This is today’s verse by Omnipresent Love

7. Courage comes naturally to one who loves

Simply said, and each of us can easily sense that this is our reality. When I love, when I am connected to that energy field we call Love, I no longer act out through my limited “local-self”. I am then held by the energy arms of the greater One.

That One then moves me as if by magic to do what the greater Whole would have done through me. I become integrated in the Total Functioning, which is always the decisive factor for every move of every atom, molecule and star and so also of every human movement. Camus said it this way: “Life will always serve Life”.

I will not stop to think if what is being called for in that moment may endanger me. That is not a statement of intent; it is my observation of how we humans work. My mind cannot begin to fathom the Intelligent Infinity that ‘decides’ when a fireman will risk his life to save a life.

I came across a serious automobile accident. A woman was lying half inside half outside of a vehicle that would explode into flames any second. Her skull was half open and I could see her brain, but she was alive. It was natural to pull her to safety and stay with her until the ambulance arrived.

When I give myself into that energy field of Love on a regular basis, it gradually takes over and there is no more need to think about courage. It is natural because it is our original human behavior. Only insane conditioning to the contrary changes that. Once I begin to deconstruct that insanity of conditioning as  an “individuality”.

Then what remains is the natural behavior as a loving, compassionate, intelligent being. We are infused with these divine qualities by the Great One of which we are all beloved expressions. We are individual expressions, but not an absolute separate entity as the word “individual” is usually construed in the predominant brain-washing ideology of our times.

Here are some images to contemplate on this day:

awakening code poojy cat


Osho - Courage Love Affair

Charles Bukowski Life

Paulo Coelho - Courage Love


Courage Little Voice


10 thoughts on “Living Love: Day Seven – Natural Courage

  1. I never thought about the connection of courage and love but you are right on target. I worked on a Mobile Intensive Care ambulance for many years and have seen many occasions of courage, by the team and by first responders. A man once said to me, “You are a woman of great courage.” I decided that it was the best compliment anyone ever gave me. Courage is not about being brave, about not feeling fear, but about having the faith (and now I know, love) to act in spite of fear. Plucked another one, Thomas. Hugs, pat

    • I am happy! Yes, I was enthralled by his words when I found them on another blog yesterday!
      Good luck with your class! My first profession – years ago – was in the classroom, first German Public School and then Waldorf School ~ I can relate!

  2. Beautiful Tomas, In the hour of deliverance there is no question to answer.
    Like an instrument, one is in tune with divine will. In life saving/changing situations like a bird one experiences being flown. What use is wing with out the sky to fly in, what use is a boat without the ocean to sail it in. Total Actualisation occurs in those moments. A 100 pound women, lifts up a car, man walks in to burning house with out a thought !
    Faith is born from it

  3. “I will not stop to think if what is being called for in that moment may endanger me.”
    this is so true! many times i have found myself in that moment, and there is no thinking – you just do what is needed.. afterwards my blood pressure usually hits the ground and i get faint, but during the crisis, its as if a higher power takes over. bless that higher power! z

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