Living Love: Day Six – Eternal Energy Essence of Love

Living LoveWow! These Days of Living Love are certainly intense! There is so much energy starting to electrify between those accompanying me on these 23 Days! We are beginning to spiral together into a deeper connection with the primordial energy (and beyond). Thank you all for this gift we are making to ourselves.

I read the verse for today before sleeping and first thing before getting out of bed. Maybe something percolates during the night?

6. Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal and your essence is Love 

I read the words of the sages:

“Consciousness is the basic cause of all unhappiness.”

“My true state is before this consciousness arose.”

“Make friends with the consciousness and it will tell you everything you need to know.”

“Follow the ‘Love to Be’ – it will lead you to your true Self.”

And now Omnipresent Love says:

“Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal and your essence is Love.”

I have had direct perceptions of being one with the primordial energy and I see that this physical body, that some call a “bio-suit”, is but a carrier for that primordial energy. The metaphor of an avatar is a computer game is a useful illustration. The primordial energy, which I call Inner Effulgence, expresses itself through this human avatar.

This view leads me to a popular concept:

avatar“We are incarnated to learn lessons that the First Principle Energy (Creator) wants to learn. It can only have certain experiences of Itself in a physical universe through this ‘game’ of physical incarnations. In order to have certain experiences, the incarnated avatars have to forget that they are all “of” the Creator. It is like going into a dark room blindfolded and see if you can make it around all the furniture without stubbing your toe or banging your shin. They needed to forget completely that the energy and consciousness and infinite intelligence of the Creator is their true own nature. Only then would they be drawn to experiences of ‘limitations’.”

The list of limitations is very long and we all know many variations:

“I am not worthy

I am a bad boy

I cannot do what I want

I annoy others

I am faced with adversity every step of the way

I am not loved

I am not wanted

I don’t know how to love – I can’t love

I never get it right

I don’t know what life is all about, it is all so senseless”

Etc. etc. etc.

Then I am introduced into a concept that provides great relief:

English: An image illustrating the soul body o...

“My higher self is an unlimited light being.”

Looking through the lens of this concept I see myself as an expression of something ‘greater’ that I, in actuality, am. The image I have held of myself until then is revised and I now see myself in a different light:

“I am love and light

I am a shining light being

I am spirit having a human experience

Everything is perfect

I am an expression of divine love

I have limitless potential

The universe welcomes me every step of the way

I create my own reality

I shine my love light on all whom I meet and it reflects back to me

I am connected to my higher Self 

I am guided by my higher Self in all that I do

Every question I have is answered by my higher Self

Now I know what life is all about – it is about living love in all aspects of my life

Every step, every breath takes on deep significance when I live as an expression of eternal love”

It is clear that living according to this concept will allow Humanity to live in peace and love with one another.

Looking at today’s verse:

“Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal and your essence is Love”

1. Consciousness is inseparable from energy

2. Wherever there is consciousness there is energy

3. Energy cannot be destroyed

4. Consciousness cannot be destroyed

5. I am eternal

6. I am love

7. Consciousness is love

8. Energy is love

All that feels to me to NOT be love must be a misunderstanding or a wrong seeing on my part. Like the blindfolded person in the dark room banging a shin on the coffee table and, in sudden sharp pain saying “There be dragons!”

“Consciousness is inseparable from energy and energy cannot be destroyed. You are eternal…”

This says that I am not the body. If that gets in the news, all fear will be dissolved in the twinkling of an eye! Think of it: all coercion that ‘makes us’ do something comes from the fear of something happening to the body. It may be a threat to my own body or physical life circumstances and maybe to that of someone close and dear to me. Then we have the perceived threats to our person, which is a psychological entity. It is vulnerable to psychological hurt, such as emotional hurt, hurt to my image of myself etc. All of this is only possible because of that identification with my body.

Here is a short funny piece I did on this subject at an open mic called Spontaneous Thoughts Revealed. Max time was 3 minutes:

As long as I am susceptible to threats to my physical body I am at the mercy of those forces who have an interest in controlling me through fear. Many stories such as this one are passed down: Alexander the Great wanted to see a sage. Alexander’s lieutenant came to the sage and said: “Come immediately to see Alexander the Great!” The sage replied: “If Alexander wants to see me, let him come.” “But he will have your head if you don’t come immediately!” “What does it matter if my head is up here or down there?” was the sage’s response.

Is my identification with my body dissolved? Not so easy, it seems. Have I been able to live my truth in the face of threats to my physical well-being? Yes, several times. What happened? Well, in those moments I stood up to my fear and it disappeared. Then events took a different turn. So there is good evidence in my life that how I react to what life presents me, whether with fear or not, does have an effect on the turn of events. When I meet events without fear the events are much more benevolent. If not, I was in hell from one moment to the next.

…your essence is Love

Love is such a wonderful concept. Here we have the concept that love is an energy that cannot be destroyed and that is my essence. The following is Nisargadatta’s view on this:

English: Nisargadatta Maharaj

“The consciousness arises spontaneously. Once I am conscious of myself I know I exist, and I love this beingness; I do not want this beingness to depart from me and it is this that makes me strive al the day till sleep overcomes me, in order to keep this love of beingness satisfied.

Then the Guru tells me the true state of affairs, that this consciousness which I love so much is only an illusion. It is the basic cause of all unhappiness and my true state is before this consciousness arose. That is beyond all concepts and any name given is a concept.

Understand it thoroughly, intuitively, beyond words, but also understand that that understanding can be of no use to you, because it is at the level of consciousness, and consciousness is illusory.”

This concept says that all that I have taken to be the most wonderful thing, this consciousness which is love, is an illusion. All manifestations of this dynamic energy called consciousness, is an illusion. With all of my hard-earned knowledge now pulled out from under me, where do I stand? I don’t know. The sage answers: that is where you stay now, and see…

“Throw away every thought, every experience, everything that happens after this consciousness has come. Other than throwing it away as useless, there is nothing to be done beyond this firm understanding in which you become more and more absorbed.”

How do I live when I become more and more absorbed in this understanding, which somehow, mysteriously, is not of consciousness?

Reasons To Be Cheerful ... Moody Blues - I Kno...

“Love will teach you everything. It will make cry and laugh the same time, it will make you a failure, it will take away your reason for thinking you are you.
When you come to nothing, love will say: I set you up, did you learn or do you still think you are so smart. Ask questions of your smart ideas; hold them up to the light until they vanish.
When you have done that you will see love unhindered by concept, thought, motive, opinion, like, dislike or judgment. Then perhaps you will know something of Nirvana.
(Russell Bradley)


5 thoughts on “Living Love: Day Six – Eternal Energy Essence of Love

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  3. I am truly honoured my Brother, by the quote .
    This morning in meditation . I experienced every fibre, muscle, vein and even the inside of my fingernails, my heart was as flesh that sat in the shaft of my chest.
    It began to appear like a city inside in which I walked. It is interesting that you should have felt the same. great post Tomas.

    My Comment is to long so I posted it

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