Living Love: Day Five – Illusion and Confusion – B4Peace

Living LoveEach of these five days of 23 days of Living Love has been unique. I went to bed after reading the next verse:

5. Love is the eternal sun shining beyond the clouds of human illusion and confusion

Upon reading this verse I immediately had the image of all different shapes of pasta that one finds on a grocery store shelf. Of course they appear to be many but in reality are all forms of flour. Even further, they are all forms of wheat.

This Nisargadatta statement then followed:

“Millions eat bread, but few know all about wheat. And only those who know can improve the bread. Similarly, only those who know the self, who have seen beyond the world, can improve the world. Their value to private persons is immense, for they are their only hope of salvation. What is in the world cannot save the world; if you really care to help the world you must step out of it.”

Love is the eternal sun…

Human illusion and confusion are like clouds that obscure the Sunshine of Love.

This was a big favorite of mine back then:

Human illusion and confusion are topics that bring me to a deeper understanding of the reality of my life. However, before I dive into that exploration, I feel the quality of Love that pervades our reality and which has an effect on us. That effect is intensified when I open up consciously to it. Imagine a cumulus cloud with various hues of pink and illuminated from the inside. Feel the gentle, tender and soothing atmosphere that settles upon you as you open up to this innermost love frequency. It is the feeling I have had when there was a great and vulnerable intimacy with another. All sensations are slowed down and in this slow motion all takes on a depth, as if I can see the pulsating of the others skin and blood. This brings me into the feeling of Love’s sunshine enveloping me with its caring and healing.

Pink cumulis clouds

Inner Exploration

The Sanskrit mantra that is known as the most powerful one is the Gayatri mantra. It is a mantra dedicated to the Inner Sun of Existence and can be used as a tool to direct us to an experience of that Inner Sun by inner direct connection:


Om bhur bhuvah svah
tat-savitur varenyam
bhargo devasya dhimahi
dhiyo yo nah pracodayat

“O thou existence Absolute, Creator of the three dimensions, we contemplate upon thy divine light. May You stimulate our understanding and connect us with You.”

When this awareness begins to awaken in us, confusion dissipates increasingly and we see though the illusion of the world. This mantra is directing me to turn myself around and instead of looking out into the world, to look inward to the source of the light appearances, to the Inner Light Itself.

Many sages have spelled it out in great detail, among them Ramana Maharshi: The world is a projection on a screen, just like in a movie theater. The Inner Effulgence (which is the deepest Self of each of us) shines out through the “film” of our conscious and subconscious conditioning, beliefs, concepts and past impressions. Just like with a movie projector (back when there were films in the projectors), the shapes and forms on the film are then thrown out onto the movie screen, which is the mysterious quality that manifest consciousness has.

No one would say that the images on the movie screen or the computer screen are real. They are merely images. We interact with these images day in and day out and that is our life. We get in trouble only when we forget that the images are nothing but our Inner Light shining out as shapes and forms. Remembering to look inward to the source of the light while engaging in these interactions is the challenge. When we succeed, we are no longer confused or deluded by the images and we feel the quality of Love flowing through us and to each other as we project our world together.

Another great spirit, William Blake, says this:


He who binds to himself a joy

Does the winged life destroy

He who kisses the joy as it flies

Lives in eternity’s sunrise

Blake speaks of the illusion of attachment to worldly pleasures and that this attachment destroys the living quality of the experience.  If I am able to enjoy the taste of chocolate and savor it fully, not distracted by the mind saying: “More!”, then I can let go of the attachment and move on with the flow of Life of which I am a part. Perhaps there will be more chocolate in the flow of my life in another moment of the NOW further down the stream, who knows? When I succumb to the mind’s prompting to secure this one good moment of chocolate so that I am sure the next moment will be good chocolate as well, I throw a wrench into the works of the quantum field. I close myself out of the unlimited potential of that field and decree that all future moments be filled only with chocolate!


This statement of Blake’s says that it is wise to accept all changes. Then I live eternally in the sunrise of the flow of Life coming to me without limitations and this flow is the flow of Love, because this is a deeply benevolent Existence. Nothing but Love flows into my life. Sometimes I am so confused or caught up in the illusion produced by my mind that it seems to me to be less than Love.

Each of us finds, over time, how to stick our heads up above the clouds of human illusion and confusion. Since the clouds are within, it is necessary to stick our heads deeper within to get beyond the clouds and the fog.

Then Love is the eternal sun shining beyond the clouds of human illusion and confusion



9 thoughts on “Living Love: Day Five – Illusion and Confusion – B4Peace

  1. Tomas, thank you for another incredibly inspiring article. From the enlightening quote by Nisargadatta to your wise description of one of William Blake’s amazing observations, this post has me filled with light and feeling inspired. Thank you for continuing to share about life being as the projections on a screen, as these are important teachings. This is very worthy of many a re-read.
    I am honored and deeply thankful for the pingback, my friend.
    With Gratitude, Love and Light, Gina ♥

  2. And yet another day begins in love, as it always does, but now, my days begin with your posts, light in every way. I love Blake–“to see the world in a grain of sand”–but to consider him in terms of attachment provides yet another perspective for me. As you say, not to succumb to the “mind’s prompting” so that one moment secures the next may just be the way to see the world in every moment. Thank you, Tomas.

    Karen .

    • You honor me, Karen! Thank you, I appreciate your comments. Eckhart Tolle suggest we “give up the need for the next moment” – this has stayed with me, too.
      Staying where I am…
      In Gratitude

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