Living Love: Day Three – Lens of Perception

Living LoveThis is Day Three the 23 days of Living Love. Again I read the verse for today before sleeping and read it again first thing before rising this morning:

3. The lens of perception is cleansed by love

Doing my early morning qi-gong I noticed cigarette smoke from the apartments above our place wafting down to me. I smoked from the age of 16 for about 11 years, ending up smoking at least a pack a day of strong cigarettes. Since I stopped smoking, I have been almost allergic to the smell of cigarette smoke. Today I spontaneously felt myself transported back into my time as a smoker, and the first cigarette in the morning out in the fresh air was always special and made me feel very good. It was the whole scenario: the match flame, the fresh, cool air on my face, the smoke curling up into the slight breeze… It is from this experience that the Madison Avenue people created smoking ads on television suggesting just that. Normally, noticing the smoke triggered immediate rejection of the smell, and as I now see, judgment of the smoker. Today, I felt a transcendent sense of “oh, someone is enjoying their early morning cigarette”, and I kept on with my qi-gong routine. On other mornings I have moved away to the back of our duplex to try to get away from the smoke. Now, it was just part of “what is” and I didn’t need to escape or separate myself from it. That was new. I was suddenly connecting to the situation “over there” from the inside – as part of it, or it was part of me, and as such it didn’t disturb me, but rather I connected to memories of mine that allowed me to actually enjoy the sensation of the smoke.

My lens of perception is the filter of my concepts and beliefs. Through this filter the sensations from the outside world are transmitted by my physical sense organs to my brain etc. How does the world look without concepts? I have no idea, but I know how my concepts and attitudes color what I see. If clarityOcean_Clarity_MagnifierI am irritated, all that I see will be covered with a coating of irritation. I have experienced this many times. If I am accepting “what is” with a sense of affection and the attitude: “I like living and all that life presents to me” – then all I perceive is covered  with a coating of affection. I am open and welcoming to all that I perceive.

This means that unconditional love, to the extent that I am able to open up to that frequency, defines the quality of my perception. I wake up to that quality of unconditional love by attuning my focus to the reality of this benevolent universe. Then looking into the world I am no longer a separate observer, rather I am looking at everything from the inside-perspective. There is no contradiction between what “I” want and what “the world” wants.

The next remarkable thing that happened on this Day Three of Living Love is the following FB message I received from an old friend, with whom I lived through a very intense period of my life. We were together for 10 years in an intentional community based on channeling. This was a time for me to learn many very valuable lessons. The community, which started out with the best of good will of about 25 persons plus children, ended up going the course of many such groups – a few began to take over leadership roles, trusted by the rest to be acting in the interest of all. Then slowly a cult-type structure arose and took over with the well-known fear-based psychological infra-structure. The group went spiritually, morally and financially bankrupt after about 10 years, after which I returned to the USA. This is the message from my friend, one of the few I still have contact with from that time in my life.

“Isn´t it obvious that channeling doesn´t exist? After all the hundreds of channelings we have heard, that were pointing towards a major event and then the excuses why it didn´t happen or the explanations that it did happen but we only could not perceive it because we are in the wrong frequency? I agree certainly that the human race as we know it has to keep evolving, now more in a mental and spiritual direction, if not, there will be no distant future. But do we need these channels who are nothing but channeling their subconscious selves? Just love and respect for oneself and everything/everybody else would do the trick…”

Hamlet-Laurence-Olivier-1ci8ee1There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,
Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
– Hamlet (1.5.166-7), Hamlet to Horatio

That said, my view is that I have no proof of the existence or non-existence of entities that I can’t see or touch that might be in communication with someone by means of telepathy. Our common experience taught me to beware of taking on such a belief, which for me means not trusting mere words to be a sign of something I can’t perceive of physically. Bin halt ein gebranntes Kind, nicht wahr? (English equivalent: Once bitten, twice shy.)

So, does channeling exist? I don’t know the answer to this question, whether Yes or No. Is it important for me to get an answer to this? No, not for me, not at this moment. “Channeling” is just another word, and so it is just another concept. For me all concepts are equally fraught with error as they can all only be a part of the individual psyche’s conditioned view of things. If you believe your concept, it will appear as real to you, and others who believe it will also find validation in what they perceive as “reality”, or “the world”.

My learning experience from our joint time together is this: know that all concepts are flawed by default, and do not buy in to anyone’s concepts, least of all your own. So where does that leave me? I subscribe to the use of concepts as per the following metaphor (another concept): Use a thorn to pick out the thorn in your foot and then throw both away. So I make use of concepts, as I have not yet mastered the art of living completely without concepts ;). I do, however, let go of concepts as often as possible and I am becoming more and more aware of “making use” of them as opposed to subscribing to them as part of a belief structure.

I choose occasionally to post messages that someone says they received telepathically from someone else who is currently not in-body here on Earth.  I may feel that the content of the message itself is useful to dispel fear, for example. I may perhaps be contributing to someone being attracted to the subjective experience that is commonly called “channeling”, but that is not my intent. I also see no harm in that happening, as everyone nowadays needs to find their own take on the channeling phenomenon.

My further view that comes from my own direct experience is that Existence contains myriad energy streams that make up the entire field of energy that is Existence. And since all energy seems to be in constant motion, I call Existence as a whole a river of energy, something which I have intelligent_infinity_1experienced while in a kind of lucid dreaming state. I had the view of all of this immense vast (infinite? at least to my eyes) energy flow is conscious. It is what I have heard called “Intelligent Infinity”. I got a sense of It being composed of myriad streams that weave together and all act in concert with each other, as parts of Itself.

Any sage, such as Buddha, who expressed a certain quality of the Intelligent Infinity, is like a stream, or thread within the huge River of Energy. This energy structure that Buddha created can be accessed at any time by anyone, and when we do that, we may have the sensation of an ‘entity’, such as Buddha, is ‘speaking to us from the beyond’.

Each human speaks as a mouthpiece of this Intelligent Infinity. We “think” we are speaking as individual entities, but actually nothing of the sort exists. Every living form that appears to be an ‘individual entity’ is actually no more individual in the absolute sense than the leaf is something on its own without the tree. Messages that we give off, like this one I am typing right now, are like the perfume of the rose: that is what it does. If we are open to the greater flow through us, it smells sweet, but if I cut myself off from that greater One, I will stagnate and soon I will stink: I will express ‘ego’.

That human who opens up to the vastness of Intelligent Infinity, may come into contact with a certain ‘frequency’ of that Intelligence, a certain stream or thread, under whatever name they chose to give It, (ascended masters, angels, etc) and they will become a conduit for that higher quality, and it may be expressed in words, or it may be expressed in gourmet ice-cream. You are probably channeling St. Gelatiere Del Cielo, the well-known ascended master who brought many to enlightenment through his divinely gourmet ice-cream creation… 😉  (My friend used to make amazing gourmet ice-cream.) Thanks for asking.


A related subject is off planet beings. I have seen a few very unusual lights in the sky here where I live in Oregon, and twice they were quite low in the sky, maybe 500 meters high. Some say they have been physically on ships… true or not? When they land and shake my hand I’ll know. I may faint when it happens but it would be worth it 😉 Can I be open to the possibility that all the contacts people say they are having are illusions created by this amazing mind we have? Yes, I am open to that, and likewise to the possibility of them being a reality that I may be interacting with relatively soon.

What I really KNOW is simply that I AM and that is a very mysterious condition to be in. All else is something that I observe in my field of perception, which is another deep mystery: I have no idea how it really works. In the meanwhile I respond to what I see more and more in a relaxed and loving way, enjoying myself and others, as you said:

“Just love and respect for oneself and everything/everybody else would do the trick…”

Do we need channeling? No, in my opinion we do not, along with a lot of other things that we surround ourselves with in order to “pass the time” in an interesting and pleasurable way. We especially don’t need the stuff that makes this experience of physical existence much less than pleasurable, and that is where my interest lies: letting go of all that vexes me and us. I also support anyone who interested in a peaceful and loving world, whether they say they are channeling or motorcycle racing. (He likes to race motorcycles.)

End of my response to my friend.

Where is the connection to my Day Three Living Love meditation? Well, today, in responding to my friend I noticed the very gentle mood I was in, and the total lack of rancor or judgment of myself or any of the others who were involved in the whole ten year experience. It was a time fraught with emotional turbulence, many times ugly and painful for most of us, if not for all. Over the years I have often had the occasion to speak with others about the trauma I went through and I have processed many aspects of the experience in various ways. Today I felt completely at peace with this entire chapter of my life and with each of the persons I interacted with then. I can truly say, “The lens of perception is cleansed by love” and I am able to look clearly at this chapter, with affectionate perception. It is Done.

Thank you all for giving me the platform to speak this, that has helped to liberate me from this part of my past.


46 thoughts on “Living Love: Day Three – Lens of Perception

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  2. Really great observation Tomas! What’s the difference between shaman sage and cigarette smoke? They both have an effect on the user. So as you’ve correctly pointed out, it’s our judgement and perception of the substance (form) which ilicits a specific response from our being. The point is to experience it consciously, to examine if we are vibrationally in tune with the event, which provides us the experience we need in order to learn about ourselves – or to just
    witness it like a cloud passing – we’ve already moved on, lesson learned, nothing here for us to re-experience. Then life can finally be lived, alive and new at any given moment.
    It is not possible to live totally free of concepts if you intend to interact in this 3D world. Concepts are our mind’s way of discerning an experience within a relative contextual framework. We can lessen our dependency on concepts so as not to create further illusions by theorizing and conjuring additional ideas upon existing concepts. If we are mindfully “mind-less” or no-mind as the Buddha transmits, then we can see reality and experience that just as it is, raw and unfiltered – with much less Sturm und Drang. However, I am not opposed to concepts or duality, since they are clearly evident in my current reality, why deny it? I choose witnessing, which paradoxically is the only choiceless resolution (re-solution) to our little mind games!
    My take on “channeling”, if the information channeled serves to clarify or fulfill a need with understanding an issue in our life, for that purpose it may be useful. Ideally, all external information should help us re-member who & what we already are intrinsically. If we can learn and growth from it, then mission accomplished.
    BTW, your friend is a genius, I can see the beauty of enlightenment through gourmet ice cream! Just realizing that simple everyday experiences are gifts from the divine… I’m humbled and grateful for how glorious life really is! *Bowing*
    I am glad to hear how you’ve grown from your less than ideal “cult” experience, and flowered into your true loving, forgiving self. Your path was perfect and necessary for your development. We are all better for knowing the authentic you!

    Superb post Tomas, thanks for sharing your divine energy field & consciousness with us! Many blessing and love to all. – Maddy

    • I am humbled by your response, Maddy ~ I am so grateful to be able to provide a vehicle for our reflection on ourself. Thank you so much for bringing yourself in as you do!
      with Love,

      • Thank you dear Tomas for providing us this opportunity to dialogue and growth through it. I am grateful to the universe, with additional perspective and understanding, I am more now than I was yesterday. Forever humbled by life’s experiences, such heavenly wealth bestowed upon us all.
        With much love and gratitude,

  3. Simply a wonderful write, Thomas. I especially liked:That human who opens up to the vastness of Intelligent Infinity may come into contact with a certain ‘frequency’ of that Intelligence, a certain stream or thread, under whatever name they chose to give It, (ascended masters, angels, etc) and they will become a conduit for that higher quality. I go back and forth on the issue of guides, entities, channeling, aliens, etc. Brazil is a country that whole-heartedly embraces these ideas, which of course, were new to me coming from the Bible belt of the US. I feel very guided in the work that I do. I sometimes speak of “my guides” because it helps people grasp the concept (I like the thorn idea). It is more like an inner knowing that I color with the idea of guides as it keeps me from thinking I am talking to myself….lol. The idea of channeling is intriguing. Where do all these poems come from that I get everyday? I never read or wrote poetry before starting my blog two years ago but have more than 4500 so far. I expect that our creativity allows us to tap into Source for I see this in other creative things that I do. It would also help to understand how a tiny child could create a symphony or paint a great piece of art. Do they have a special ability to tap into Source? Life is indeed a mystery and a great adventure. BTW, the cigarette metaphor was a great way of explaining how our view of things changes our perspective. Keep writing, Thomas, I learn a lot each time I come here. hugs, pat

  4. What I really KNOW is simply that I AM and that is a very mysterious condition to be in…That human who opens up to the vastness of Intelligent Infinity may come into contact with a certain ‘frequency’ of that Intelligence, a certain stream or thread, under whatever name they chose to give It, (ascended masters, angels, etc) and they will become a conduit for that higher quality.

    Thank you Tomas-perfectly said. You are a peaceful man who understands that we just don’t really know until we arrive. I love that mindset. Open, aware, receive and share.

    Much love,

    • I take in you loving words, Dear Sheri ~ Thank you! I also appreciate when you quote from the post, as I often need to read it again to really let sink in what came onto the paper while writing.
      Together on the Journey of the Heart!

  5. Hi Tomas, I now no why I felt so bad when we spoke about that time of expectation and being undermined but the entrance for it was going to open up so big you could get enough light in there to see it.
    Marvellous . I have found it very difficult with what I do to try to explain I have no spirit guides or I do not channel any one but work in the field of consciousness.
    I still do not think mankind is ready for it so I have stopped altogether. There is a carrier wave to existence and everything is hung upon it,the smell of a rose or the sound of a pistol shot it vibrates in that wave in myriad form across time. But there is a space outside of it which it sits in which has no time. That I know from direct experience .
    Forms are dense like hate anger war murder and matter others are light without form.

    The rational of insanity is all we have to go by, because life will kill us. We are in the grip of it’s. Asylum.
    Last night I could not take the thoughts in my own head just simple thoughts like should I go get a glass of water. they were as acid . Burning in to my brain. Every construct I create is hung on that wave. To know there is nothing I can do about it brings me understanding.

    To know I look from one end of a space that is infinity and see myself where ever it stops looking back. The space can be minute or vast it does not matter.
    But to know that wave is as temporary as life and as insane as life and without it there is nothing is liberation sweet sweet liberatio

    • Thank you for connecting, My Brother! I know you know, so there is not much to say – it is what it is and I see it moving into greater understanding/innerstanding of the true state of affairs: it is all illusion created out of the Mind. As you say, you have direct experience of the Space that IS, and is immovable, untouched by the insanity. Only thing is, it is not an ‘experience’ like down here in this world. I made a short reminder for myself a while ago that supports me to relax – see how you like it:

      with all Love,

    • Hi 24.7! From my experience, what I perceive as samsara- the existential angst felt by every living being – is the inherent nature of the construct which tells us we are here for a purpose. We are not meant to stay here… it’s just a transitory stage. Knowing this has profoundly changed my outlook on life, I relaxed completely knowing the “matrix” is a reflection of my ideas and perceptions of the reality I choose to create for myself. If I have to choose between suffering and joyful play… the answer is clear to me. This understanding has allowed me a blessed reprieve from mental “overload”, thinking run amok which does not serve my purpose and only create unnecessary anxiety. Use the construct to further your own growth, which serves everybody and all of existence. No need to drop anything, just watch your own mind. Everything in existence has it’s frequency and place. All is as it should be. Then samsara really becomes nirvana, as your reality aligns with THE REALITY. You must see this for yourself, love everything unconditionally… starting with you. 😀

      • When we suffer we grow, to know that through it love and forgiveness are the source of that growth. Nothing is the source of freedom, any construct is wrapped up in itself and will bring suffering.

        If one thinks that one is creating ones reality for themselves you are lost in separation .
        You are being thought as the the fish are being swum. The ego tells you I want this, I am creating it for myself, if I think this, this will happen. All of that relies on an idea one has in ones mind – that very understanding is so limited because it only allows for what you think you want. And what the mind wants is of very little value.
        Just to make you feel safe to achieve something to have an outcome.
        If you understand that the world glamour shops at the law of attraction, and that to get beyond the idea of not suffering one must give up the very mind that is necessary to shop at The law of attraction. Then you will understand Nothing.
        Samsara is illusion; if you think samsara turns into nirvana then do you already think you know what Nirvana is.
        Switch off the projector of your ego meditate each day and you will find nothing.
        When you understand what unconditional love is you will know that constructs are useless because they create conditions. And if they are not met. First be Honest with yourself Earth united it will be painful but you will grow by it.


        • I like: “You are being thought as the fish are being swum.” This, for me, ties in with the concept of Samsara is Nirvana. When I am able real-ize “You are being thought as the fish are being swum” there is no more place for anything but to enjoy the view…or not! 😉
          Try this on on for size:
          ‘The world is real.’ ‘No, it, is a mere illusory appearance.’ ‘The world is conscious.’ ‘No.’ ‘The world is happiness.’ ‘No.’ What use is it to argue thus? That State is agreeable to all, wherein, having given up the objective outlook, one knows one’s Self and loses all notions either of unity or duality, of oneself and the ego. (Ramana)
          The key for me in this verse is “having given up the objective outlook” – so I = Subject and all I see and perceive is equally the Subject. It makes sense that the all-encompassing Subject cannot do anything against itself as long as It is in the awareness of Itself. That only happens when the awareness of this One Being we are all expressions of is veiled, and we are able, in our insane delusions, to hurt another part of This that I Am.

          • love will teach you everything it will make cry and laugh the same , it will make you a failure it will take away your reason for thinking you are you.
            when you come to nothing, love will say I set you up,did you learn or do you still think you are so smart. Ask questions of your smart ideas, hold them up to the light until they vanish.
            When you have done that you will see love unhindered by concept, thought, motive, opinion, like dislike or judgement. Then perhaps you will know something of Nirvana

            • Nirvana – from Sanskrit: extinction, literally: a blowing out, from nir- out + vāti it blows
              “these words will be few, but those who at a certain time will be proud of their own achievements, when they hear these few words their own knowledge will evaporate so suddenly they will be wonderstruck.”

            • Tomas, a really wonderful exposition of the “concept” of Nirvana! LOL, since the state of Nirvana is pure transcendence beyond this physical realm, it is also beyond words or concepts. So when we understand and accept things to be, just as existence was designed to be/ created by the creator or not. So, 24-7, tell me what’s the difference between Nirvana and Samsara if you have transcended your very being beyond duality? Beyond mind, samsara is nirvana, otherwise known as heaven on earth.
              I see that unfolding every day in my reality, I’m experiencing it as I type, participating and co-creating with you on Tomas’ blog. Do you not find our interaction heavenly? 😀

              • samsara – (Hinduism and Buddhism) the endless cycle of birth and suffering and death and rebirth
                it is not in any way

                Nirvāṇa (Sanskrit: निर्वाण; Pali: निब्बान nibbāna ; Prakrit: णिव्वाण) it is the state of being free from suffering. In Hindu philosophy, it is union with the Brahman (Supreme Being).

                You have said That I have trancended mind, I have not
                Pain and suffering are still part of my life and I am honest about it.

            • Thanks for your honesty, I understand your state of being now, and I am very sorry you are experiencing pain and suffering in your life. Definitions are so cut and dry, product of mind. Why do you find samsara unbearable? We seemingly live in the same world, but we are clearly not experiencing the same samsara! Buddha, Jesus proves that samsara is not endless, nor suffering only! I live THROUGH this “concept” of samsara with immense joy, hope and infinite love. Am I suffering from delusion because I don’t conform with your perceived definition of samsara? Yes I do feel pain, if you cut me will I not bleed? Yes I was born and destined to die someday… the same as everyone who has ever manifested in this form. So what!? And yes, I use to experience suffering – the difference is I don’t suffer now, by conscious determination. Understanding Dukkha and The Four Noble Truths, the Buddha revealed how to identify the nature of dukkha and how existential suffering may be overcome.
              What I’ve learned: Keep to the One Mind and realize your true self, be the vehicle for the divine to play through you. To transcend “mind” – literally detach and watch it, nothing else.
              And yes I agree with you, one can grow through the process of suffering, it’s one path of realization – impermanence, pain, suffering death etc. But don’t ignore other paths of growth – the joys of sharing, spreading unconditional love, compassion, life enhancing support and encouragement. I’ve experienced this and more, directly, here-now on this very blog. Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” Opportunity is knocking!
              We are infinitely blessed with blogs such as Tomas, Alia, & Kozo to name a few. They offer us hope, personal transcendence, peace, abundant love and caring, kindness, shoulders to cry on and sympathetic ears. Loving people are our most valuable resource. Just decide for yourself what you would like to experience in your life and make the necessary changes, it worked for me. Best wishes to all on your most sacred journey through life. 😀

                • Thank you Russell for taking the time and offering this opportunity to dialogue with you and Tomas. You have offered me your experiences and insights, for that I’m humbled. *Bowing*
                  To your growth and well being; journey well my friend.

          • I felt your pain in the song my Brother and it has been resonating with me. love sits around all of us pulling the pain out, and at the same time a dynamic happens that is the mystic transformation of life, the very quality of humanity itself. It was in your eyes at the end of the Video.

            One in Spirit

            • “the very quality of humanity itself” – yes – – – pain. As I open to this pain there is tranquility – quite strange. There is a bed on which the pain rests – (when it does) – that bed is no consolation, it just is.

              • Yes its jam packed full of potential, I feel it expand inside of my Heart, With your words.
                That bed is Love totally unknown its depth devastating and traumatic alien to knowledge

        • Perhaps whatever you think and live by is your “reality”, or “truth” as the new age crowd fondly states. I must qualify that my comments are only my opinion, based solely upon my own experiences and observations, since my perception of reality would not necessarily be yours. In my current manifestation of human form, I choose to take responsibility for creating my reality. I observe and understand the laws of this dimension, cause and effect etc. I choose to grow in every way consciously, by being aware of myself through thought, action, speech, meditation. The result is unconditional love, which is my true nature/ original face, and my contribution to this world. This is what I know to be true for myself. You can interpret my words anyway you wish, you may journey wherever your soul abides – this is your freedom. Happy trails, 24-7, thanks for sharing. 😉

          • Indeed these are the times when each of us speaks for ourself. When I speak for myself I have the greatest chance 😉 of being truly honest and sincere in what I say, without an agenda of any kind. Then the reflections I get from others are the reflection of Love. Thank you so much, Maddy, for bringing your soul’s voice to the table here!
            With Love,

          • Meditation is to abandon opinion to abandon thought and Mind it is the absence of everything one can think.
            I do not know what love is.
            Even as in the Gita, Krishna can not be looked upon, it can not be understood such is its depth, it would send a man insane.
            I realise I know nothing.
            And at that I am nobody.

            • Dear Russell, you say you do not know what love is? Very good! You are now opened to the possibility of love and realize more than most who “think” they know about love. Love, like Nirvana, Enlightenment can not be understood through words or thoughts. Like life, love needs to be experienced, and you can start by looking within. While the mind can go insane, the heart has infinite depth and capacity – Love is it’s home. I love you my brother, quest well. 😀

              • “Even as in the Gita, Krishna can not be looked upon, it can not be understood such is its depth, it would send a man insane.”
                “While the mind can go insane, the heart has infinite depth and capacity – Love is it’s home.”

                from Song of Solomon:
                “for love is as strong as death, its passion as unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame”

                Love is a Mystery – Mystery within Mystery! If my being is swept clean of all debris of the world I may find that Love opens Its soul to me. Each day I burn the residue of yesterday, even of the last moment – then I am a space for Love’s Grace.

                May we three cherish this moment of our touching spirits together ~
                my wish is Love

              • .
                I do not recognise love , I do not know love, I do not understand what love is. .It unfolds before me showing itself throughout my life in ways I could never imagine .
                Through immense physical pain, through grief, through exile, through healing, through my marriage and the incredible journey of understanding I have been blessed with through with my dear wife and the wonderful times we have had .With dear friends and strangers alike . through isolation through disaster, through the loved ones I have held in my arms while they died eaten away by cancer. Amongst the blood of heavy trauma in the middle of a street fighting to save some ones life
                Through the baby’s born with radiation mutation when I worked in Russia before the coup through the parents and doctors who had no medical equipment to treat children they could have saved .Through the faces and pain of the parents who cried out to God for mercy.
                And last of all through achievement.
                These are a few of the lessons love has shown me.
                I have lived it. Not on a blog, not on TV but alive .
                The Lakotra Indians call it Waken Tanka. Great mystery.
                Love is a mystery
                I am a fool at its feet and it guides me where it wills not I.
                Devoted to its mystery I follow.
                I have shed a tear writing this remembering just some of my life
                But that tear is love.
                And I shed it for you Earth united.
                Samsara is pain and suffering.
                It is the only way we can understand what love is.

                • My condolences dear Russell, I hope you find redemption through pain & suffering. It is my wish that you embrace joy & happiness in your life once again, but you have to choose that reality. I now understand what you’ve gone through, there’s nothing we say or do that’ll change the past.
                  …. And thank you, I accept your tears of love now. Blessed be, fellow traveler.

                  • There is nothing to redeam I am not in fear.
                    my life is is beautiful .
                    The tear was for you, more than that I can not say if you do not understand .
                    I weep for You !

  6. Funny you should mention streams of infinity. One of the concepts I find intriguing was that of the atom and how at a cellular level all beings interact with the universe, in a sort of feedback loop. This action happens at the speed of light. SO…each of us is in fact part of infinity, we are constantly in contact with the universe, moving at the speed of light…we become light at that cellular level…and we are therefore feeding and changing our universe every second of our lives. Blew me away when I read that. So in fact…when you say “we are all ONE”…that is a fact.

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