21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

Print this and hang it on your fridge!


7 thoughts on “21 Ways to Raise Your Vibration

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  2. Thanks for sharing Tomas…I practice much of this already, which makes me feel wonderful for I must be doing something right. I will energize my drinking water with love…that sounds interesting and I too feel like jumping up and down, which I do every once in a while especially during Spring when the tiny shoots of green pop out of the ground and I cannot contain myself.
    I’m so glad that I ran across your blog…I like the way you think! 😀

    • We got a mini-trampoline for about $20 I think, and it is so much fun! Two tor three minutes of fun and very good for the body! And our cat loves to sleep on it (when I’m not jumping…) T.

      • Fun-fun-fun! and the perfect place for a cat nap too! Mine keeps trying to sleep on top of the phone or the microwave, anything electical and warm….it’s driving me crazy. Perhaps if I get a trampoline he’d nap on that. 🙂

    • Standing and jumping up and down without lifting my feet – just my knees do the jumping – kind of a stronger shaking – has been a part of my morning qi gong for decades – called Hui Chun Gong – the Return of Spring! and it’s FUN! Especially cause the booklet said to “look like a simple rice farmer” while doing it… 🙂

      • i’m always comforted when something i’ve done or felt for years suddenly becomes one of the ‘must do’s’ of evolving. i smile and think, ‘ah.. now i don’t feel so alien! there are others!’

        i’m not surprised that you’ve been jumping like hat for years!

        the rains have stopped for almost 24 hours now; the air is calm, quiet, as if mother earth has inhaled deeply and is ever-so slowly exhaling. ahhhhh, i am at my best when removed from the sounds of civilization!

        thanks, amigo! i enjoy your posts

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