We are Light (B4Peace Post)








Russell Bradley wrote to me:

“Last night I dreamt of two wolves that were caged in shallow metal boxes, they barked and barked and growled , I first thought them to be guard dogs. Caged up, until let out to patrol again.
Then when I remembered in the dream that Dogs are always loyal friends. I knelt down and sung a song of Love to them which caused them to stop growling and reduce in size. It allowed them to leave the cages they were in.

The dogs were angry at the restrictions around them and with the anger and rage, they became puffed up so they had no chance of escape .The slightest footstep made them mad.

Once out of the cage they jumped and waged there tails. Anger is a cage of our own making, and all virtue including Freedom is lost by it.

One in Spirit”

Read all of Russell’s post HERE

14 thoughts on “We are Light (B4Peace Post)

  1. I was in a cage of anger for years, Tomas. I still puff up when I’m not mindful. Thanks to you and Russell for the great images and reminders. {{{Hugs}}} Kozo

    • Yes, the place of anger is well-known to me and probably to most of us. Once I really got that beneath anger is fear, things started to shift – the fear wasn’t camouflaged by the anger so easily anymore. Together on our journey naked under the stars (although I’m not so sure about the innocent part) 😉 May all hugs come around back to you exponentially magnified! With Love, tomas

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  3. This is wise and wonderful Tomas. And the image is incredible! Thank you for sharing this post, and for including a link to my recent article as well. With you in Spirit, my brother. Namaste. Gina

  4. Beautiful post, Tomas. My favorite image of the Buddha. Thank you Russell for sharing your dream that we may always remember that anger is a cage of our own making. Blessings, Alia

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