We Met In Silence

Wow! Peace in Action! Love in Action!


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Those magical moments are each moment,

breath by breath,

when the heart looses its protection and is open territory.

Today it was walking on the streets through the village of Tiruvannamalai. I noticed an older man sitting on the pavement, wearing a dhoti (a single cloth wrapped around the waist) leaning against a wall concentrating on his work repairing shoes. Slowly he drew a threaded needle through the sole of a shoe.

He was so focused on what he was doing he did not notice me until I was standing right in front of him. Then seeing the camera, he became self-conscious until I motioned for him just to continue what he was doing. I took a couple of shots and showed him one.

He lit up!

For the next few moments I stood in the high-beam of his humble heart. Love ran from his being  like a river overflowing…

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4 thoughts on “We Met In Silence

  1. Dear ONE…..thanks for reblogging the post! How sweet! Hope the words conveyed at least a little of the man’s humble beauty. He did not ask for rupees (common in India) and he was obviously a very poor man. He did not ask for anything. He looked up, shined his loving heart then continued fixing the shoe. Always nice to spread this kind of genuine innocence around the net…..thanks! in peace….kai

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