Meditate in 2013 Live in Peace

Just in time for New Year Resolutions and the New Beginning for Humanity 2013!

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Kadampa Life

(A holiday bonus special article, twice the length! :-))

calvin and hobbes new year's resolutionIt is that up-in-the-air time again, when between recovering from the same-old, same-old hectic holidays and looking lugubriously ahead to the same-old, same-old January treadmill we may decide we want things to be different this year. We may want it to be a better year, preferably a really good year.

Which will only happen if we make it one. It is not too likely to be a good year from its own side, as nothing even exists from its own side.

One of the best ways to make a year into a good year is to (learn to) meditate. Happiness is a skill we can cultivate, and practicing meditation — namely familiarizing ourselves with positivity — is a most effective way to become a happier person. Deciding to meditate is a fabulous New Year’s resolution.

We can meditate anywhere and anytime…

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4 thoughts on “Meditate in 2013 Live in Peace

  1. Inspiring post Tomas! I like your beliefs, and will agree that we have the power within our own brains, hearts & souls o make the changes that will allow us to welcome even the most trying situation or person in our life.
    Let us all find the tools and skills to make it so. Starting with your post here. Thank you again for stopping by and having the heart to comment. Meaningful to this lady~ BB

    PS My primary blog is:
    I thought since I post my Bloggers for Peace posts here on my Lady Barefoot Baroness blog, and on a regular basis this is the blog I maintain by posting a few to several times a week.

    Sending peaceful easy feelings~ BB

      • So very welcome~
        It is an astounding thing to know that people on the other side of the my home town,my country & even the world are no longer strangers. That is an incredible powerful force of energy we can all spark from. ~
        Bliss & Peace~

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