Joy Givers

Join the Joy Givers on the New Earth!


Joy Givers

Did you know, Joy Givers have the ability to eclipse the joy stealers of the world?


Joy Givers have firmly and deeply planted joy seeds of their life’s journey (regardless, if their journey has been riddled with trial or ease) anchored, rooting and forever growing thereby, enabling the

“wildflower spreading effect”


This effect releases a quiet rumbling of an empowering reckoning force made up of our own resilient strength that can tip, jiggle, shake and knock down all barriers of negativity, setbacks and feelings of failure and defeat, which are designed to specifically conceal with a ferocious attempt, the gift of our uniqueness and ability to continually fine tune the harmony of our life song, even when we slip out of sync!

If we maintain or reclaim our inner resolve to stay resilient, this can empower us to stand firm underneath all showers of adversity and let Joy…

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