Love to Be


This Love to Be is showing me every little thing I see

Sugar-coated in dazzling sparkling rainbow shine

Every thought as well – how strange – like dancing elves

Showing me what my Love to Be is today, right now!

Twinkle-toes tippling along across my mind’s meadows

Now all covered in blue-bells – (just yesterday they were gray)

So let us revel in this shower of goodness that we all are harvesting

Like so many whales waltzing to the sun’s new melody!

“Here we are together with our Dear Sweet Gaia

To enjoy our Self!”

This song sung by every flower, grain of sand, bug on the bark

And old man in the park is echoing out through the Universes

Lighting up the space between the galaxies

With our Love to Be!

Let’s listen to our song that we sing now to each other

When we say “Good Morning?” “How are You today!”

Yes, I’m better than fine! This is all Mine, and I will cherish it

Forever more!