Archangel Chamuel – 13 December 2012

Dear Friends,
Please enjoy this wonderful message of Love!

Here is the link to Gillian MacBeth-Louthan’s website:

Quantum Awakening



Lucas 2012 Infos

Picture 346Welcome. I am angelic of origin. I am angelic of nature. I am angelic of light. I am the essence the vibration and the song that is known as Chamuel. I am angel of self-love and I come on this day to enfold you in that thought.

Every measurement of time, every measurement of day and of night reflects of how much you love yourself. Everything on this planet loves you. It is innately and genetically programmed to love you. The dirt that you walk upon loves you. The wind loves to mess up your hair and kiss your body. The animals love you and do not’ understand why you are afraid of them. Everything loves you. The trees smile at you from their great height, but they never look down on you, for they know that you are steward of this beautiful sphere.

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