when only wings remain

Rachel’s newest – really hits the spot!

be whole now

The energies are settling, so (not surprisingly), today’s poem presented itself
in rhyming form after being inspired by this backyard photo.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you a bit more about what I have been
up to for five weeks. Stay true, stay clear, my precious friend.

Pray tell! What seer doth divine
In soggy tea leaves, curdled wine
These ancient rhythms pulse, now bore
In loosening of the golden cord ~
A harlot, a jackass, a tune unsounded
The tale of the Grail, masked illusion unshrouded,
Strewn about, whirling unfettered grace
Upon center stage Love claims her place

Unraveled life, unpeeled, exposed
At once reveals the core of those
Who would not choose (as Heaven knows)
To arc in triumph, fall to repose,
Relentless hammers poised, now silent
The hush of peace blankets softly the violent ~
Cease now all suffering, wash clean all confusion
Dispatch swiftly your doubts, apprehensions, delusion

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