How to Wash Windows and Deepen Self-Awareness

Washing Windows, Water Spots and the Depth of the Now Moment

Today is the first day in ten that the sun is shining with such radiant splendor.

The windows command: Wash Us Now!

Ok, ok, ok, I’m on it.

“Honey, I thought you were going to draw a bath?”

(my angelic wife helping me focus – Lord knows I need it).

Yes, yes, after I wash the windows! It won’t take long!

Now, sparkly clear and shining… the eyes of our dwelling are clear again.

Except… there is one more smudge, a few dust specks over there… and one more…

Of course, who washes windows with the sun shining full onto them?

Only the uncompromising perfectionist – (can be a bit obsessive sometimes).

But then – Voila’! a sweet Satori comes to my side, nudges me: hey!

Listen to this: Try looking at the light coming through the window

Instead of what you call the “imperfections” that it reveals.

Hmmmmmmm ~ could this be a universal metaphor?

Look at the light coming through that person

instead of noticing all that is not “perfect”?

And how about yourself?

Where are you still comparing yourself to some mythical “perfect”?

And anyway – who made up this “perfect” idea in the first place?

My personal Satori comes and nudges me a bit more insistently:

Don’t think about it – do it! Remember Nike:”Just Do It”!

A few thoughts are ok, but look out the window ~


Look at the Light! How does that feel?

That Light comes from a very mystical, mysterious and deep place:

“Mystery within Mystery” as Lao Tzu called it.

Also “the Depth of the NOW Moment”

Open to it with all your senses!

You will never reach the bottom.

Let yourself sink into its blissful embrace,

This Heart is just waiting to cradle you,

Assuaging all you fears

and nourishing you

With the sweet, sweet milk of Self-Awareness ~

Just Do It!




6 thoughts on “How to Wash Windows and Deepen Self-Awareness

  1. I liked the blog of the window washing. Supposedly, window washing is something that everyone hates. Washing windows is sort of symbolic. When you wash the window, you can see what’s on the other side more clearly. So too, must one wash the soul carefully, and remove the inner dirt, so one can see reality more clearly.

    • This expresses the deepest Truth of what we are, indeed. I now see how that Truth is becoming more and more consciously aware in me and in many on Gaia at present. All we see as “names and forms” are That – in Truth, but our software seems a bit slow to upgrade itself to that fact sometimes 😉

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