Personal Declaration of Radical Responsibility

I need to take this one in a few more times… May you all enjoy Rachel’s most beautiful poetry!

words divinely wrought

for everything now fallen away
i bear responsibility

for every delicious return to the table of earthly delights
every soul-numbing morsel of dispossession inhaled, imbibed,
every dark and slithery corner into which i stumbled
and every moonlit mesa i traveled in the company of the all-knowing sky,
i tell you now that i held the key,
i turned the lock,
and this I lay at the feet of no one
save myself

if I was led astray by so-called inner and outer dragons
i know that in ways i need no longer understand,
i invited them all to the party
turned a blind eye and deaf ear to willful discernment
cracked a door here, a transom there in entry bidden,
laid rose petals along a twisted path to entice the screeching hordes

though I no longer feel it essential
to root out the whys and wherefores
amid the bulrushes of…

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