Flocks of Smiles

Flock by vladstudio source: http://www.deviantart.com


I call them ‘tweetie birds’

They are so small and they move like a cloud in the sky

Or like a swarm of fish swirling in the morning blue


I see our smiles lifting off

Rising up from our fields of joy

On this morning a New Age Dawning


They swirl and swish through the space of these days

Like speckles of sunlight cheery and bright

Flocks of smiles joyful together


Inciting laughter and giggles and joy

Bubbling up from our bellies and toes

Tickling our ribs till we cry deep relief


I think it’s the cells they just can’t keep still

Jumping out of their skins and ours, too, of course

Like myriad sparks when the bonfire is lit


We all lit the match and so now it is ours

To warm ourselves on this magical fire

With wind from all corners fanning the flames!


Welcome the wind and the change that it brings

Don’t mind the apple-cart overturned

Something much bigger is rolling our way – Hooray!