Expanding Consciousness

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I am bringing together several thoughts that join in my mind under the heading: “Expanding Consciousness” as they lead me to a more unlimited view of Life.

“Everything comes from everything, and everything is made out of everything, and everything returns into everything…”

(Leonardo da Vinci, in: gocreate.com/quotamaze/qldv.shtml)

“This beingness itself is the love. It is most natural and therefore I love all others because I love myself. The fountain of my love for others springs from the love to be. The Unmanifest is manifest through that waking, dynamic, manifest spirit; that is the state of love to be.”

“There is no other thing like Paramatman (the Supreme Self) except “I Love.” In that ecstasy who is going to look at the body? Body becomes irrelevant. How many titles have been given to it, but what is it… only that love for Self.

Always, forever, your knowingness has been moving about, but you have limited it to your own body, and therefore you are killing it. Paramatman is not maya (the veiling and projection of the universe), it is your real nature.

Visitor: “What should one do about one’s daily duties?”

“You should attend to your duties—they are not personal, they are of the manifest consciousness, they belong to all. Try to expand yourself to Infinity as the manifested consciousness. There is no other God but you.

One day this body will drop dead; people think that death means completely Unmanifest, but it is not so, it is not like that. When something is consumed or exhausted, it becomes more, it becomes manifest.”

“Nobody dies, death means finished; for example, a drop of water when it evaporates has become infinite. There is no death for anything, everything finishes to become infinite.”

(Nisargadatta, Prior to Consciousness, p. 62, 63)

My comment: This thought of the Oneness of all manifest phenomena and also of the creative force behind it all as being our own true nature, our actual identity, leads here to the quality of that Oneness as the Love to be. When acknowledged, I see this Love as pervading our life in all ways, and so we become this Love in a conscious way and all of our actions become more and more consciously Love in action. One thought of Camus: “Life will always serve life” underscores this view from his perspective.

The following are thoughts on this topic from Suzanne Lie’s blog – telepathic messages from the Arcturians. Here the Arcturian mentor of the speaker Mytre speaks about states of consciousness. (The link to the entire blog episode is below.)

“Mytre, I want to tell you about states of consciousness and adherence to reality. Your state of consciousness will adhere you to a reality of a correlate frequency of operation. Every reality is multidimensional, and certain frequencies are best for habitation by intelligent Beings. As you become more conscious of your inter-dimensional travels, you will realize this fact.”

“Of course, you have been traveling inter-dimensionally since your Oversoul created your specific Spark of Creation. Your Spark of Creation occurs when you take your first form. YOU, that is the multidimensional essence of YOU, is much more expansive than you could imagine. Your first forms were of Lightbody, in which you traveled the Multiverse seeking experience.”

“Experience is defined as movement through myriad varieties of interactions. When your Beingness is in its higher frequency form, you can simultaneously observe countless expressions of reality. Of course, you never leave this Higher Essence of SELF. Therefore, when you travel inter-dimensionally, you are actually expanding your range of consciousness to encompass the lower frequencies of reality.”

“In this manner, you can directly experience that which you are observing from the perspective of your Spark of Creation, as well as from the perspective of those frequencies of Beingness. Your highest expression of ‘observer SELF’ is infinite and a component of the NOW of the ONE.”

“A visual image, which can be correlated to what we are saying, is the image of a huge cloud. This cloud releases rain. The rain touches the ground and directly interacts with it. Some of this rain falls into water, some falls onto rock, and some falls into the earth etc. etc. All of the rain that originates from the same cloud is related via the same heritage.”

“Some of the rain will fall into the lowest depths of the planet, such as the desert, and other rain will fall onto the peaks of the highest mountains, as well as everywhere in between. As each raindrop falls into a different area, it gathers many different experiences. All of these experiences are simultaneously perceivable within the NOW of your Cloud.”

“Hence, your Cloud sends down raindrops so that it can intimately experience myriad lower dimensional realities via its raindrops. Some of these experiences are very enjoyable and some are not, but all of them are educational. From the perspective of your Spark of Creation, YOU are infinitely alive within the comfort of the ONE and are virtually visiting myriad dimensions of reality.”

“On the other hand, each raindrop takes on its own Life Spark, which initiates its own timeline for existence and inter-dimensional travel. All the Life Sparks that originate from the same Cloud are related. Furthermore, every Cloud is related, as they are all representatives of the ONE Creator Cloud.”

“Thus, all of you who are inter-dimensionally traveling the Multiverse are related because all Clouds are related. However, you are most intimately linked to those who fell from the same Cloud. But, since all the Clouds are related, every raindrop/Life Spark is connected.”

“We use the metaphor of Clouds and Life Sparks because they create an image. If we were to say Elohim, Oversouls and Multidimensional Life Streams, your mind would become engaged, but you might miss the heart feeling. We speak in an imagistic manner so that you can better LIVE the message. When a message is lived rather than understood or remembered, it is stored in your Heart/Mind, as well as your brain.”

“We are training you to commune in this manner, as this is how the Galactics communicate with each other. Also, this imagistic mode of communication allows you to talk to Beings of many different realities, because you are living an image rather than communicating with separate words and sentences. Therefore, please relax while we take you on a inter-dimensional journey.”

Relaxing was good for me, as I was supposedly sleeping. However, since the Arcturian needs no sleep I guess it didn’t understand how important sleep was for me.

“On the contrary,” the Arcturian was responding to my thoughts, “you always go on journeys when you sleep. However, your third dimensional thinking tells you that life makes you tired, and you need to turn off your mind by sleeping. However, physical life in the lower dimensions makes you tired because you have been trained to believe that concept. Life, also, makes you tired because your lower frequency life appears separate from your higher expressions of SELF.”

“When you sleep, you are actually re-connecting with your higher expressions. These expressions are never tired because no time passes and no work is done to cause fatigue. Your higher expressions of SELF do not experience polarities, separation or conflict. Furthermore, they do not experience fear, which is one of the main causes of fatigue. Fear fills your body with chemicals, which make your body race out of synchronization with your breath and heartbeat. Then you feel tired because your body is operating at a different rate than your thoughts and emotions.”

“We ask that you relax into the image being a Cloud. Your Cloud form shifts and changes as you interact with atmospheric conditions. Sometimes the atmosphere seems darker and in transition. This condition is caused because the Clouds/Oversoul are full and seem to hang low in the atmosphere. The Clouds are lower because they are ready to empty their raindrops/Sparks of Creation, into the lower frequencies.”

“Hence, these Clouds are resonating to a slightly lower frequency because their soul families are seeking to leave their Cloud/Oversoul in order to interact with lower realities. On the other hand, sometimes the skies seem clear, and the Clouds are further away and difficult to perceive. However, there are many wispy clouds that seem to creating pathways into the higher realms. This condition occurs when the Oversoul is free of rain/Life Sparks, but it realized that many Life Sparks are ready to begin their long return back to their Cloud/Oversoul.”

“There is a very special occurrence on the planet Earth now, in that the entire planet is ready to commence its return to Oversoul. Hence, many Clouds/Oversouls are sending down wispy passages to guide their Life Sparks home. This visual message is informing all the related planets, solar systems and galaxies that myriad beings, including a planetary being, are seeking support. They are calling for assistance because they are preparing to return to their higher expressions.”

“We, the members of the Galactic Federation, have received this message and are here to assist. This particular planet of is great interest to all of us because it has long been an open Mystery School that developing civilizations could visit to learn about states of consciousness and adherence to reality.”

“Within the Mystery School Earth, there are myriad realities that exist layered in a multidimensional manner, much like clouds in the sky. Differing states of consciousness will adhere you to different frequencies of reality. To enter this Mystery School, a being and/or group of beings had to petition with their Oversoul to enter this multidimensional reality based on polarities. They usually choose to enter Mystery School Earth because they want to learn about individuality.”

“The fine print of the entry contracts read that they would forget everything once they entered this School. Therefore, many Beings became trapped in the Earth School because they forgot who they were and why they went there. The Mystery School Earth is now closing, but it has more students there than ever. Hence, all the graduates of this School have come to assist the Ascending members of Earth to return home to their Oversoul.”

“Many members of Mystery School Earth are fully aware that the lower dimensions of Earth’s Mystery School is closing and are totally prepared to begin their return to Oversoul. However, they are not prepared to make the leap from a third/fourth dimensional reality directly into their seventh dimensional Oversoul. Instead, they will return to their Oversoul dimension by dimension.”

“The first reality that they will return to is the fifth dimension, then the sixth dimension and, eventually, the seventh dimensional Oversoul. Every Being who has taken a form on third/fourth dimensional Earth has experienced many Life Streams during their long journey into the polarized realities of Mystery School Earth.”

“We will, now, return to our metaphor of the Oversoul being a Cloud and the Life Sparks being the rain. Just as the rain first touches the highest peaks to become snow and eventually finds it way to the Ocean, Life Sparks must go through many transitions in order to find their way down into the third/fourth dimensions of planet Earth.”

“The Oceans create great expanses of water, so that the rain can be pulled back into the clouds. Many Life Sparks on Earth hear the call of their Oversoul and are ready to begin their long journey home. In fact, the Planetary Being known as Earth is, also, ready to return to Her higher expressions. If the Life Sparks and the planet can join together as an ocean of Planetary, Unity Consciousness their call for assistance will be greatly amplified.”

“Earth will begin Her long journey back to Oversoul by being Her fifth dimensional expression of New Earth, and many of Her Life Sparks will join Her there. Many of us who have become members of the Galactic Federation, including you, Mytre, have taken many incarnations on Gaia’s body of Earth. Hence, we have returned in answer to Her call for assistance. Do you understand what we are saying Mytre?”

I was a bit taken back by the Arcturian’s question, as I simultaneously realized that I was now awake. I understood that this question was an invitation, as well as a challenge. Then, I remembered that this journey began with my trying to assist my Homeworld to ascend.

I also remembered that Kepier said that I would need to assist Gaia to ascend in order to help my Homeworld. I was also aware that I could not have the hidden agenda of assisting Gaia’s Earth in order to assist my Homeworld. I could feel the Arcturian reading my every thought, as it patiently waited for me to move through my many thoughts.

It was then that I realized that I was considering my thoughts in isolation from my heart. I was not using my Heart/Mind. No wonder I was confused. If I were to decide rather or not to take part in the immense responsibility of assisting an entire world to ascend, I would need to surrender to the Knowing of my Heart/Mind.

I thought of the members of Earth receiving the same invitation to assist with Planetary Ascension. When I realized that they, too, would need to confront their hidden agendas, I felt great compassion for them. Did they even know that they had a Heart/Mind?

“Perhaps it is your privilege to tell them” spoke the Arcturian.


Food for thought!

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.”

Leonardo da Vinci, ebenda


pondering reflections




While My Guitar Gently Weeps – For Israel and Palestine

Picasso – Peace Dove

May this truce be the beginning of everlasting Peace on our Planet!


And the Ending of all self-inflicted suffering!


May we find the strength and wisdom 

to drop all judgment for any side of these conflicts 

and to hold those Children, Women and Men 

involved in this inhuman turbulence 

in our One Heart of Unconditional Love!

Link: Still My Guitar Gently Weeps

Song: While My Guitar Gently Weeps lyrics and music by George Harrison
The Beatles – WHITE ALBUM


I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at the floor and I see it need sweeping
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know why nobody told you
how to unfold you love
I don’t know how someone controlled you
they bought and sold you

I look at the world and I notice it’s turning
While my guitar gently weeps
With every mistake we must surely be learning
Still my guitar gently weeps

I don’t know how you were diverted
you were perverted too
I don’t know how you were inverted
no one alerted you

I look at you all see the love there that’s sleeping
While my guitar gently weeps
I look at you all
Still my guitar gently weeps