Deep Peace

Feeling myself One with Nature is the highest for me. This youtube video characterizes that wonderfully.

This is a beautiful piece of music. Here are the lyrics sung by a chorus and the description on youtube:

Bill Douglas es compositor, intérprete y profesor de música en el Naropa Institute, de Boulder (Colorado). Es un gran instrumentista de fagot, instrumento poco habitual fuera de la música clásica.

Deep peace
Of a running wave to you
Deep peace
Of the flowing air to you
Deep peace
Of the quiet earth to you
Deep peace
Of the shining stars to you
Deep peace
Of the gentle night to you
Moon and stars
Pour their healing light on you
Deep peace to you

Another Nature poem: (Author unknown – source:

Man has taken for granted too long, the beauty of the planet he dwells upon

Never become complacent with nature

The spirit communes in awe

To be surrounded by its energy calms the most troubled of souls

Mountains, forests, endless skies and wilderness

The Earth, the Sun, Moon and Stars

Every Human spirit, however tainted lost or corrupt 

Can be made complete. 


At peace

Even the lowliest misanthrope

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