The Golden Egg – Hiranyagarbha

The Cosmic Egg

This is what it feels like

To sit in the middle of the Golden Egg


An energy quantum, miniscule and infinite

Beingness pure like the very first atom

In an intensely tremendous dance

around itself with itself

Creating creating creating

Wave upon wave of scintillating something

Sparkling and tingling into the finest depths

Into the innermost of what can be felt

Warm and loving, suffused and penetrating

Deeper and deeper and deeper

Yes, we love ourselves anyway…

Nothing that was matters

We are fresh, washed clean of all impurities all past

Bathing in our own soothing essence

In this endless pool of NOW-ness

Embraced by the radiance dancing

Like fine pink bubbles of pure Heart

Emerging from the Mother Self

Infused with the power of Father Self

Do The Right thing!

Stay Close To Spirit!

Forgive all especially yourself

Leave aside all judgment

of people, places and situations

Allow all to be – Let It Be

And It reveals Itself as You and Me

Beyond birth and death

Rest in peace 


Hiranyagarbha, meaning the “golden fetus” or “golden womb”, in one hymn of the Rigveda (RV 10.121) is a name for the source of the creation of the Universe. (

The Cosmic Egg