Quench All Fears Completely

squirrel friend

What can I know that is not of me – not connected to me as is my own nose? All that I know and all that I can know are variations of my own reality. What, then, is there to fear? Myself. Only the delusion that there be something apart from my reality causes me to fear. Once seen, this view of reality quenches all fears completely.


Here is my meditation of today. The first verse by Ramana from his “Forty Verses on Reality”:


1. From our perception of the world there follows acceptance of a unique First Principle possessing various powers. Pictures of name and form, the person who sees, the screen on which he sees, and the light by which he sees: he himself is all of these.


(for those interested in more: http://www.satramana.org/html/forty_verses_on_reality.htm

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