reblog from vision5d2012 meditation for our Home Planet

A powerful meditation for our Home Planet from Vision5d2012!

New Earth Paradigm

Last week we envisioned new relationships extending from Peace and Prosperity dwelling in our hearts.

There is one relationship that we are all in, however, that is so primary that it deserves  a whole week of visioning for itself. That is our relationship with our Mother Earth or Gaia.

Gaia is always in a state of Peace and Prosperity — Her very Soul is Stillness and Abundance. It is we Humans who now need to extend the Peace and Prosperity within our hearts to this being upon whose body we live and draw our life’s breath.

Let us once again imagine the two beautiful white doves of Peace and Prosperity nestled in our hearts.  Let your gaze fall softly on the image and FEEL the fullness of the stillness of Peace. Then let yourself FEEL the overflowing quality of Prosperity. Stay with this feelings for a moment longer. Imagine everyone…

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