Razor’s Edge


The ocean’s vast expanse in the brilliance of early morning sun

The horizon cut with a razor into deep blue sky and steel blue ocean

Every blade of beach grass and each driftwood log etched into the sand

Each wave-curl sharp as crystal

There is no looking – only presence of the depth in all shapes cut of light

Do you ever feel you are Light being penetrated by Light these days?

Any ever so slight shadow on the screen of life is felt as pain

I am a razor walking on my own edge in this crispness and clarity

Acceptance is the ultimatum

Once answered “Yes!” the new paradigm is instantaneous and spontaneous

Take off your shoes and socks all protection and step onto the razor’s edge

Like the tightrope walker you were born to be

No fear – only love unconditional

Our only choice!


One thought on “Razor’s Edge

  1. To my simple and always show gratitude Blogger friend, you are the mindfulness and with a open-heart person, I truly love the way you look at things, no doubt I am a free thinker and going to be free thinker forever, but I still love your article, cheers! – remember AddGrainOnEarth

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