Great Job!

Great Job!

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There hasn’t been much to say these last few days.  Not for lack of movement, but for an overwhelming need for silence.  It’s as if all of my words are being used up on the inside; there are no residuals remaining for this blog.

There has been a shift, and a clearing.  What stands in the place of a mind compelled to “do” is a soul content to “be”.  The world looks different.  On a physical level I sleep deeply, dream intensely and remember little.  The mental chatter has all but stopped.  There were headaches for the last week or so, but they too have left me.  Eating is different somehow; addictions to any particular food are gone right now.

It’s not like the challenges are gone from my life, it’s that they look merely like things to take care of.  They are not definitions of anyone; they are scenes in a play.

All around there is evidence of a different way to approach life. I brought my car in for service and received an unexpected Reiki healing, from the shop manager, right there in the showroom…what a gift!  Our children initiated some unexpected and unprecedented deep heart conversations…which if you have kids you know is beyond wonderful.  Everywhere I look there is healing and renewal.

The news reports won’t be the place to find evidence of this shift.  It will be told in our hearts.  Mine has opened more than I realized was possible.  It came unexpected and was not orchestrated by my mind.

Although you’ll hear and read of progress on financial and government fronts, the real answer will come from deep within you.  Everywhere now, folks are rising up.  We are answering the call in so many ways.  Evidence surrounds us.

It wasn’t long ago we were a people mentally enslaved and seemingly without choice.  Our self definition has radically altered.  Thanks to thousands of lightworkers and millions of people with hundreds in the headlines – we have found our voice.  It is a voice holding every possible range and it speaks just one song – freedom.  Unity is not something that will arrive overnight.  It has been building and becoming.  It is.

We are One.  Our realization of that truth is bringing us out of the closet.  We help each other without expectation.  We join hands in protest and in song.  We talk out loud about our “Galactic Families”, about ending the corruption and creating joy; about the importance of love.  It is not exactly as we expected; it is so much better.

We are allowing ourselves to seamlessly morph into Oneness.  Who else but humans could do it this way?  We are experiencing the fullness of our own evolution, individually and collectively.  It has all the elements of life we came here for; tension, anticipation, surprise, pain, pleasure, defeat, success and love.  We did this.  We are doing this right now.  We are performing beyond anyone’s wildest expectations.  Maybe help hasn’t arrived from the skies because we are doing just fine.  Everyone is watching; it’s all good. This is happening.  It is happening because we say it is. We know who we are and we are doing what it is we came to do, perfectly. We are awesome!  Great job!

We are the One we’ve been waiting for. 

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