The Meaning of “I”

“I” may be the way conscious existence refers to itself. If that is the case, and I am one of the voices of conscious existence, then “I” is all of “us” and every experience that is being made, has ever been made and ever will be made by any being, whether human or not.

If “I” is actually the naming word for all of conscious existence, “I” is moving within itself, in a certain sense.

When I look at that scenario, then it is like a kaleidoscope that has all those little pieces of colored glass under the front piece of glass and they make up the pattern you see as they move together.

So which piece of glass is “causing” the pattern? Each piece causes movement and the pattern and is the result of the movement of the other pieces of itself.

If each of us, as “I”, are one piece of the colored glass, we all cause the pattern each of us is in and are caused by each other. I am because you are and we are all together.

J. Krishnamurti, wanting to point to the crux of the matter, said that “We move in the space we create as we move.”  That can prompt us to look deeply into the reality of “All is One”.

My “personal” sense of the word “I” comes from an experience I had some years back as I was sitting on the veranda on a hot summer day. Suddenly I began to hear “I”… “I” … “I” coming from all the plants nearby, and also the stones and other objects, like the vehicles parked in the drive. Every form, whether sentient or inanimate was “speaking” this “I”.

The experience lasted for some minutes (timeless minutes) and created a living connection to all that was in my field of perception. A true “innerstanding” arose in me that corresponded to my experiential insights while using psychotropic substances 30 years earlier: Oneness is not a metaphor but the simple, “ordinary” fact of what is.

The symbol “I” and the thought that it expresses is actually what Existence calls Itself: it is Its name for itself. In my ignorance of this fact, caught in the delusion of being a separate entity, I see this “I” as referring to the ego, but that is a mistaken perception.

Names are our identity: we see ourselves as “identical” with what that name points to. I am Tomas – that’s what people call me. The name doesn’t exhaust what I am, but it gives you a handle. When you call “Tomas” – I’ll turn around and pay attention to you.

“I” is the name of Existence. Each of us is actually a face of Existence and so we say “I”. Our only mistake is to think we are saying the name of a separate individual because we are fixated on the individual physical forms we call “body” and think we are identical with that form. We are not.

When I hear the word “I”, I should “turn around” and pay attention to the fact that Existence is calling to Itself.

Here is the voice of an Indian sage on this topic:

“O mind, what are you searching?

Inside and outside it is one only.

It is the concept that makes you feel inside and outside.

Once the earthen pot bearing the name Nanak is broken, by getting rid of the concept that I am the body, where is inside and outside?

It is “I” only prevailing everywhere.

Like the fragrance in a flower, like an image in a mirror, this sense of “I-am-ness” is felt in the body.

Abide in the sense of “I-am-ness” and you shall be liberated.”

Guru Nanak

In closing, here a passage from a telepathic message from Mytre of the Ashtar Command:

“However, your ever-expanding Unity Consciousness is telling you that you are connected to everything and everyone. You are connected to the Planet, as well. In fact, you ARE the Planet. It is the realization that you are the Planet that allows you to remember that you are also the Higher Beings that you are hearing, seeing, touching and following into the unknown.” (8/16/12 by Suzanne Lie)

It looks like it is time to throw off the blinders and look around at what is obvious – if we can look free of concepts that interpret and constrict our view.

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