Mind in Love

A mind that is in Love is a smiling mind; it is happy and feels buoyant, cheerful and playful. When in Love, the quality of its seeing is full of affection for everything in its field of perception. The cloak of heavy, dark or broken thoughts is dissipated.

Like the sun burning off the fog, Love clears all congested feelings and thoughts. Where does this Love come from when I am not feeling It right at this moment in my life? It comes from nowhere, which is a good thing because that shows me that It isn’t dependent on any circumstance or condition.

“It comes out of me” is one way of putting it. That means It is always available since I am always here. It is a force that I feel when I put my attention on It. How does it happen that I all of the sudden put my attention on It? I think that is because It wants me to look at It, so It can see, can feel Itself.

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